Getting My Feet Wet – Transitioning into Full Time Art

January 12, 2014

Holidays are over, decorations are in the middle of being packed away.  The suitcase, back from travel, is reluctantly unpacked, already missing family visited.  The Nutcracker stands at attention on the table next to my notebook, watching me type.  Soon he will slumber for another year, while I wake up to a new way of being.

I have dipped my toe into the pool of creativity long ago, but never fully submerged both feet into the art world – until now.  A new year, a new beginning.  I rejoice at my timing.  The process is slow.  I am used to being a weekend artist.   Now freedom of time to indulge in my art has been given to me seven days a week, if I so choose.   It’s a bit disorienting, sometimes overwhelming, but as time moves, I am starting to get used to all this time on my hands, to do what my hands love best – CREATE ART.

After just finishing two paintings started last year, I am taking a reorganization break.  Cleaning house – sweeping out all of the old energies of 2013.  Then on to my Art Room – adding new shelves and things to better accommodate all of the projects and paintings still swimming around in my head.  I’d like to put some color onto the walls, but that will have to wait for summer and a bigger downtime.  Afterward, I will light my sage and drum my way through each room, inviting the muses of creativity to play with me.

I am not sure yet how it will all flow and unfold.  Just like creating any piece of art, you start out with one idea and then you find it has taken you on some unexpected turns.  I let my intuition lead the way and allow my muse to speak her voice.

My art world is very eclectic.  I try out many things – painting, stencil design, textile craft, hand crafted air-dry clay works, and one of a kind crafted pillows are all currently on my creative menu list.  My paintings cover a wide range of subjects; some are purely visionary, coming from a much deeper, otherworldly space and usually with a message.

All art is a unique message that expresses the essence of our being, our playful side, our serious side, our emotional, mental and spiritual sides.  The joy of this type of expression is limitless.  So here I am, crossing the “bridge of possibilities” into the land of “anything goes”.  I invite you to travel with me as I journey along this winding path of creative exploration.

© 2014 Maria Doglio


2 thoughts on “GETTING MY FEET WET

  1. Hi Maria,
    Your new blog is gorgeous. I’ve enjoyed reading your essays and I am so happy that you are able to have this new experience and opening to your creative life dream! This will be helpful to other artists. I like how you listen to your muse and the illustration offered. The final framed picture is rich in texture and color. Congratulations and much joy!


    • Thank you Liz! I will soon be updating the Gallery with many more fine art paintings. Future pages to come will be Stencil Design, Painted Canvas Rugs, and textile art and pillows. Keep checking in to see what is new.


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