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Maria C. Doglio

The artistic theme has run through the core of my being like a river since I was a young girl. Art and creativity was a family theme – craftsmen, artists and seamstresses who worked the most amazing needlework all influenced my world of creativity.  I am mostly a self-taught artist, taking up workshops here and there through the years and doing a lot of experimenting.  I stopped painting for 25 years until, in 2005,  my patient, but slumbering artistic muse was pricked awake by the influence of living in Sedona, AZ.  The enormous creative energy that surrounded me in the landscape, galleries and culture of the Native Americans of that region pushed me in a way that opened up the floodgates so that there was no holding back.  I stepped back into the art world with a new perspective that translates onto canvas the many facets of who I am.  The Sedona world taught me to paint from the inside out, that anything goes and that painting intuitively brings to the canvas the best success.  As I paint, I listen to the voice of what is emerging.

After moving back to California, I joined a group of visionary artists that taught with a liberating  approach that gave me guidance in visionary painting.  The mentorship of Visionary Artists, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellars and Mary McDonald taught me how to connect on an even deeper level with a painting.

Today, my artistic  journeys continue in an eclectic style.  I paint or craft what moves me.  In October of 2019, I moved my studio to a new Home:  West Pawlet, Vermont.  I am embracing my New England roots and the surrounding beauty of this country side will be reflected in my art.

Acrylic painting, stencil design, textile art and crafts

Art Profile Photo, 2016

  • Live Worms Gallery, SF – The Durga Art Collective ~ May 30, 2014; November 2016
  • GinGilli’s Vintage Home, Geyserville, CA, 2014
  • Made Local Marketplace, Santa Rosa, CA., ,2014 – 2016
  • Towers Gallery, Cloverdale, CA member artist 2014 -2016
  • Artist Member Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Healdsburg CA, 2018-2019
  • December 2019:  The home of WIND IN HER HAIR Art Studio has move to West Pawlet, Vermont
  • SVAC Artist Member – Dec 2019 – Current

Inquires for purchase of art or craft work, please contact:

Live Worms Gallery ~ North Beach, San Francisco, CA

3 thoughts on “ARTIST BIO – Maria C Doglio

  1. Hi Maria, I was looking for some quick info. to help in my canvas floorcloth this morning, and clicked through some sites, noodling along. I opened your site and there was your painting of the Crystal Cove cottages…it made my day!

    I spent many happy hours at the old Crystal Cove beach in the 80’s, before it was featured in Bette Midler’s Beaches movie & before it was turned into a state park. I loved winding down the dirt road from the small driveway on PCH, Allan, a friend I’d made was the “caretaker” of Crystal Cove for many years – he was a unique personality, lived in an sort of shed dwelling and knew everything that went on there. And had some great history about the Cove to share. To get past the gate partway down, you needed a key-periodically he’d change the lock, and I was lucky enough to have a key during the years I lived in Corona del Mar, Costa Mesa Newport & Laguna. Glorious to “commute” to work along Coast Hwy. and see whales spouting through the neighborhood.

    Do you have prints of your painting available for ourchase?? I would love to have a copy if you do giclees. I have subscribed to the blog, so should be on your mailing list to reply when you get a chance.

    I also enjoyed your Cloverdale scenery – ain’t California great!?! My mom’s mother had a small ranch back off the highway and I also have strong memories of that terrain – coming from the East Bay, Cloverdale was really the back of beyond in the 60’s & 70’s!!

    I certainly appreciate your journey to living the life you love, I especially relate to your writing on the painiting block you experienced, and how you’ve worked with it and beyond it. So, know that your ruminations are giving other folk food for thought! I’m now in East Sacramento, here for work the last 5 years after living in Seattle (loved and love it) for 8 years. But just about ready to engineer a change of scene,

    Well, back to my project – like you described in your recent blog – sometimes you’ve gotta bend with what the day unfolds! Thanks for a great share. Best, Pam Healy


  2. Hi Pam! I loved going down memory lane with you! The painting is adapted from photos I took during a hike along the trails that lead to Crystal Cove. I fell in love with the place, the rich history and want to go back the next time I am in Dana Point. The painting is part of the show this upcoming weekend at Live Worms Gallery in North Beach, SF. It’s a 16 x 20 painting for sale at $480.00, if you are at all interested to purchase the original. I do not have giclee’s of my paintings as yet (next step). I am glad my musings inspire you, for that is my intent for this site. It is still a work in progress, so watch for more paintings as I continue to upload photos. Good luck with the canvas floor cloths – they are a joy to create!


  3. Dear Maria, We knew each other many years ago, on Harrison Lane. I just came upon your blog. I hope you and your family are well!
    Fondly, Lorraine Vantacich Rinard


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