Visionary Paintings

Blue Muse

Autumn Blue Muse ~ exhibited at Towers Gallery, Nov. 2014

All artistic renderings come from a visionary perspective of the artist. Some, however, come from a much deeper place, where the vision comes out of the ether and presents itself to you via the canvas.

Inspiration for the Blue Muse came from a doodle, which sat on a scrape of paper for a long time during an ‘artistic block” period.  Inspiration to put it on canvas came intuitively one day with a gentle push to bring her into form, and which subsequently broke the block.  I started with a wash of colors and surprisingly her form began to appear as if emerging from a mist of colorful fog.  The muse herself told me that she must be blue–a startling revelation from the voice within. Connecting with my inner vision while creating this painting gave the Autumn Blue Muse the cosmic feel and connection with the Nature Deva that I was seeking in portraying her.

"The Key is Within Your Heart"

“The Key is Within Your Heart”

“The Key is Within Your Heart” was started in an art workshop taught by my daughter, Kate Langlois, Visionary Artist, in San Francisco. (  This was a fabulous weekend workshop that explored the use of meditation, dialogue, color, washes and visioning to bring a painting into being,

The vision that appeared in my meditation was a being filled with golden light and love with a distinct message.  The challenge was to capture this profound vision on canvas. Keys, love and heart were words that presented themselves to be incorporated within the painting.  Coming home with the canvas, I knew it wasn’t finished and needed refining.  It sat on my easel for weeks, while I contemplated it.  The painting took on several transformations. The final version shows a visionary light being speaking the message on her necklace.  Love is the basis of our being, all questions are answered – the key is within your heart.

Devas of Nature ~ these paintings were a powerful journey into the energy of each flower and Deva of Nature that it represents.  The first three are elusive and shy, observing from behind their veil; but the Torch Ginger Deva is bolder, more apparent and wishes to speak to the awareness of humanity as co-creators.

Fairy Iris Deva

Fairy Iris Deva  ~ Acrylic on canvas board 16 x 20

Maria Doglio 2014

Bird of Paradise Deva – Acrylic on Canvas Board 16 x 20


Plumeria Deva 2014

Plumaria Deva ~ Acrylic on canvas board 16 x 20

Torch Ginger Deva Acrylic on Canvas Board 16 x 20

Torch Ginger Deva
Acrylic on Canvas Board 16 x 20

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