Over The Moon

Over the Moon 2.18

“Over the Moon”,  acrylic on Canvas, Feb 2018 ~ Maria Doglio

Moon-day Morning, early dark slightly lifting.  The first day of daylight saving time.  I sleepily shuffle through the kitchen, coffee mug in hand and open the curtains of the south east window of my front room gallery.  I look out to find a crescent moon flirting with a cloudy sky, casting just enough light against them to create a dramatic, changing scene of illumination within the surrounding blackness.  I’m painting it in my mind.

My thoughts turn to the comfort of familiarity.  The countless phases of the moon, the sun’s rise and setting, the consistency of their daily orbits, ties us together in a familiar human experience on this particular planet.   We humans watch in tireless awe at the ever changing, creative patterns they paint in their travels, day and night.

No matter how much we insist on our separateness, our countries, customs, languages and borders, the moon rises and brings us all out to stare at the night sky, as it dances in an arc with the  stars.  The sun rises to chase the moon and darkness into another night far away until it sinks again to follow the moon’s trail.  The familiar play needs no translation.  It brings our human condition together in oneness.

One night, as a full moon appeared among an amazing array of popcorn like clouds, I snapped a photo as the moon drifted through them, the clouds misting and reforming into a shape I saw as a wolf leaping over it.   The inspiration to paint that scene resulted in “Over the Moon”,  #4 in my wolf series, completing it.  Here is my wall of wolves, where I like to sit and watch the morning unfold.

Wolf Series_Front Room Gallery 2018

The sky has lightened now into pale shades of blue and yellow with a hint of pink on the horizon, while a heavy bank of billowy dark clouds move in against it, promising rain.  The crescent moon stands alone now,  waiting for the sun to show it’s face before moving on.  A new day dawns.

Let nature inspire your creativity with abandon – the patterns are endless.

© Maria Doglio March, 2018




Art Flow 2018 & The Full Wolf Moon


12-31 gallery2

At home in my Front Room Gallery.  Paying homage to 2017 on it’s last day and welcoming the energy of 2018 and the Full Wolf Moon on it’s first day.

Recently, as I stood in my art room, contemplating the swirl of potential paintings inside me, my inner muse began lining up which would manifest first on the canvas.  I began to feel as if  my feet were growing roots into the Earth, anchoring me in.  Intuitively, I felt the big message was that much more is to come, so stay centered without stemming the creative flow.  These moments of profound sense of being never cease to amaze me.

One personal important painting already has it’s beginnings on a 24 x 36 canvas sitting on my easel….the emergence of a visionary depiction of my wolf guardian on the edge of a wood, silently watching me.  This vision appeared to me as I drifted into his realm during an acupuncture session.  The charcoal sketch is already exuding the energy of his wolf spirit.   It encourages me to stay focused and in tune with my inner guidance as I begin the painting process.  It’s taken some time to pull the vision out of me from when it first appeared, yet here it comes at the precise moment of the Full Wolf Moon of 2018.   The synchronicity of this painting’s appearance is like a personal portend of things to come in the new year and I hope to share more of my creative energy on this blog in more regular monthly posts.


Universal Energy for 2018:   2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11

In numerology the number 11 is a Master Number – ‘Master’ meaning it is of intense/high vibrational frequency and works within the aetherial, magical and transcendental realms of creation. Master numbers possess great potential for learning and growth, and can bring major transformations in your life.

The number 11 is the most intuitive number and is a clear channel to the subconscious. It is the number of leadership, personal power and spiritual truths.”  ~ Simone Matthews, Numerologist at www.universallfetools.com

2017 was a tough year for many on our world.   It was a year of wake up calls and change, destruction and renewal.  A painting that I completed just before the Northern California fires close to home, was entitled “Rebirth”.  It is an expression of beings gestating in pods floating in the cosmic soup of a universe.  Another synchronistic painting!  Each year we go through a ritual of renewal and rebirth.  What we choose forms our path.  May our wisdom prevail in our choices.

REBIRTH:  Acrylic on Canvas, 2017

Rebirth, 2017

Upcoming 2018

  • HCA Exhibit:  In January, I am excited to be part of the Healdsburg Center for the Arts annual Members Exhibition, entitled “Expressions”.   This is my first participation in this wonderful gallery.  The show runs from January 13 through February 4, 2018.  If you are in the area, please stop by to enjoy the wonderful talent of local artists
  • Fabric Art:  Potential plans to rejoin Made Local Marketplace in Santa Rosa this year with new fabric portfolio creations.  I’m currently working on making items, creatively utilizing my abundant supply of fabric remnants.  I also hope to do more fabric collage art.  Watch for future blog featuring these items.
  • Canvas Floor Cloths:  In 2016 I started a series of creating 12 canvas rugs, but never completed more than 4; this year, I hope to pick up on that to complete the series.  They are intense and time consuming to create, but I’m passionate about them!
  • Joining Galleries:  I have a goal for 2018 to join more local galleries and answer “calls for artists” ads.  Stay tuned for more on my progress to get myself out there!
  • More Blogs!  I’ve been lax in writing blogs on this site, but am setting the intention to write at least one a month.  Also coming is a revamp of my website with the help of a more skilled webmaster!

As I look at the potential of 2018 before me, I begin to understand how important it is to give freedom to one’s creative flow, staying tuned to that personal power and open to growth that raises one higher.   In that process, we leave the door open to welcome the circumstances and people that will enhance our lives and personal growth.  We are magnets of the energy we exude.  May we keep our energy at the higher vibrations.

Wishing all who visit here a magical 2018 filled with creative potential!  Shine your light.    Thank you for your support.

12-31 gallery1

© Maria Doglio 12-31-17

Solitude of the Forest

Space Clearing for Our Hearts 

West Fork Trail, Sedona 2017

West Fork Trail, Sedona, AZ ~ 2017, Acrylic on Canvas

Sometimes, if I can’t get to the forest, I paint a memory of one.  For this I rely on old photos of places I’ve been that have brought me serenity and joy, allowing a higher guidance to come through.  Nature gives us the opportunity to be quiet, to reconnect with the earth, ourselves and our relationship with each other.   Here we can listen to the voice of our soul.  Julia Cameron* expresses it so well when she says, “…we clear space in our lives in order to center and clear space in our hearts.  The soul’s voice, the voice of guidance, then ventures into the clearing we have created for it.”

When I paint a memory of a place and how I was feeling at the time, that energy goes into the painting.  If I am successful in that, the energy of the feeling goes back out to the viewer who is sensitive to the energy within the painting.

West Fork trail is in a magical forest – it takes you through meadows, wooded areas and streams deep within it.  The painting, West Fork Trail, captures a small part of my journey during my first exposure to Sedona’s energy back in 2004.  The memory of it and this particular spot was what I wanted to express in this painting.  It hangs in my living room and I can view it from my couch and fall into it’s peacefulness whenever I need to.

Going farther back in time, is this view of a piece of the Hudson River.

Meadow on the Hudson 2015

Meadow on the Hudson ~ 2015 (Acrylic on two 4×5 canvases)

Meadow on the Hudson  was an experiment in a continuous painting on two small canvases.  It depicts a little scene from when I lived in Massachusetts and took a trip in a vintage red Thunderbird convertible with a passionate artist friend who I was in love with at the time. For me it has a light hearted memory attached to it, with much joy in breathing in this scene in the moment we were there.   A painting can be small and still draw you in to a deeper place.

Finding Serenity captures a moment when the peace of nature with woods and river brings us back to center.  We can breath deeply and let go.   We can reconnect and ground ourselves, remembering the qualities of life that matter most.  One on one time with my daughter was a precious moment.

Finding Serenity 2016

Finding Serenity 2016 ~ Acrylic on canvas

Take time to nurture yourself.  Treat your creativity as a spiritual practice, drawing from your authentic self by tuning in and painting intuitively from the inspiration you find within yourself.  The joy of expression through painting is an endless process that keeps on giving. 


© Maria Doglio, July 4, 2017

* Excerpt from “The Artist’s way, Every Day” by Julia Cameron


Wolf as a Spiritual Pathfinder

Exploring the Wolf Animal Totem came from a gradual pull from my old friend, Spirit Wolf, who showed up in several visions during recent acupuncture* sessions.  Wolf energy stayed with me so strongly in such a patient, protective and loving way, that it became a bit of an obsession. Channeling this energy into painting seemed like the only way I could make sense of  understanding how and why this powerful energy was manifesting in my life right now.

I strongly feel that art embodies the vibration of the artist.  The energy of what I paint is embodied into the subject and it often jumps out at me in amazing ways and affects those who can relate to the art piece on a personal level.  Artists paint from a broader perspective when they are connected to their higher muse–art is a bridge from this higher perspective to the canvas.  When I paint intuitively, I feel the tapping of that  higher place and allow it to flow as I paint.   If you can’t paint what you feel deeply inside, walk away from the canvas until you can.  Wait for the flow and it will pop out into your expression on canvas.  I always find this process amazing. It was in this way that I started my wolf paintings journey.

Aspects of wolf spirit that resonate strongly within me are:  Strong connection with instincts or intuition; High intelligence, wisdom; Loyalty and communication; Deep desire for freedom.  It is these aspects I feel in my life that are pushing me to strengthen my intuitive side and utilize my empathic nature to follow a new path.   The old ways of being no longer work for me.  The attributes of wolf spirit are helping to show the way by showing up in specific moments of my life with their messages. Wolf is the pathfinder.  My wolf showed up waiting patiently, watching from the sidelines in a protective sense, reminding me that he is there when I need him.  He also showed up “in my face” asking me to focus!  Straying off my path is a habit of mine….staying focused, aware, and open to wisdom in an intuitive way will show me the new path  that is calling me.

The Painting Process

My inspiration for my wolf paintings came from photos from the internet, (photographers unknown, but am grateful for the inspiration they gave me).  I wanted my  first painting to reflect the wolf I was reunited with during a shamanic healing journey vision in the early 1990’s.  To this day, I can close my eyes, feel it’s fur and his energy as well as the deep emotion of that reunion.  It was a very powerful journey.  Spirit Wolf, for me, embodies the wolf of that journey.

Spirit Wolf ~ Acrylic on Canvas 12×16


Lady Gray Wolf

Balancing the energies, my second wolf painting has a more feminine quality.  This spirit wolf asked to be called “Lady Gray”.  She possesses a sweet elegance as she surveys her world in the cold dawn of a winter’s morning, greeting the potential of the new day.  All very significantly symbolic for me!  My daughter, visionary artist, Kate Langlois, said this of her, “She feels like she is so present and in tune with her innate nature of her existence, her divine duty/dharma!”

Lady Gray Wolf ~ Acrylic on Canvas 12×16

This painting journey had many lessons on many levels.  Each subject was a huge challenge and wonderful lesson in painting fur!  Capturing the spirit of the wolf that I was feeling was dependent on that flow from the higher perspective.  You can feel it when it clicks in, and keeps you going until you allow the painting to tell you when it’s finished.

May you be inspired in your creative journey; challenge yourself – you’ll be amazed what you can do!

*Special thanks to David Wolff Filipello, L.Ac, whose kindred spirit, shared wisdom and healing sessions have helped reunite me once again with the wolf spirit energy expressed here.  The journey never ends.

© Maria Doglio, June 2017 ~ Wind In Her Hair Studio


WAH! Fest 2016

We Are HERE! = WAH! Fest 2016

WAH! Festival 2016  ~ a festival focusing on women’s work in the arts.

presented by CALI & CO dance/Matt EL in partnership with Dance Mission Theater

April 29, 30 ~  7pm & 9pm   &   May 1 ~ 5pm & 7pm

6 exciting shows featuring contemporary dance, live music, visual art and discussion from renowned Bay Area women artists!

Dance Brigade’s Dance Mission

3316 24th St, San Francisco, California 94110

On April 29, 30 and May 1, 2016 at the Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco, you will have the opportunity to experience the strength and creative collaboration of women’s talent in the performing arts of Dance, Music, Fine Art and Creative Discussion.  Between performances A & B,  in the visual arts gallery, you can enjoy  work from three women artists, of whom I am one, as well as a panel discussion facilitated by Bay Area arts professionals.  Joining me in the gallery presentation of their work is visionary artist, Kate Langlois and artist, art educator, philanthropist, Nalyne Lunati.

Emergence into HERE 2016

Emergence into HERE, acrylic on canvas 15×30 ~ $950.00 Maria Doglio, 2016

WAH! Festival is a platform for diverse choreographers, musicians and visual artists creating contemporary work through a feminist lens, including those who identify on the gender continuum as woman. WAH! Fest, seeks to highlight the work of women in the arts, while giving back to the community.  For more information and tickets, click on www.wahfest.com or on Facebook.

About the painting, Emergence into HERE:  I took my artist imagination, inspired by a photo of CALI & CO dancers, and painted a scene of arrival into HERE from the cosmos. They are startled into awareness of higher consciousness of self, while colors of creativity burst and dance around them out of the void.

I am very thrilled and honored to be part of this production, which is rather a family affair of talented people:  WAH! Fest creators/presenters are Christine Cali, choreographer/director, my daughter-in-law along with her husband and my son, Matthew Langlois, musician/director.  My daughter, Kate Langlois, a visionary artist, joins me in the gallery.   The many talented choreographers, musicians and artists that have been gathered to create this festival make a strong statement of women’s diverse talent in today’s world of art and performance.  Please join us to help make this first annual event a rousing success of support and stimulation for continuing creativity!

Presenter information: www.calidance.info &  www.mattelmusic.com

30% of ticket sales to support San Francisco communities in need: Homeless Children’s Network, and San Francisco Safehouse.  Also, 30% of any of my original art pieces sold will be added to this donation.

© Wind In Her Hair Studio, Maria Doglio Art

Inspired Sparks

Journey of Inspired Thought

As 2015 drew to a close, I was in a whirl of crafting and baking for Christmas.  Creative painting, on the other hand, was neglected. An empty canvas, which sat on my easel staring out at me usually was enough to spark my imagination.  Yet, inspiration was giving me the silent treatment.  Then,  a photo taken on a whale watching trip in June came into clear focus as painting potential…but “can I do it?” still nagged me into inaction.

In Julia Cameron’s “The Artist Way Every Day”, she writes this excerpt for February 7th:  “Out of the notion “I Can” comes the next thought:  “I think I will.”  The impulse is playful.  It is an impulse born of pure faith.  The artist has a vision and that vision includes the successful completion of the art he has in mind.”

So I moved into the “I think I will” mode.  The photo was of my brother watching dolphins at a ship’s rail, which I playfully dubbed “Old Man and The Sea”.   On January 5, 2016, he turned 75 and the desire to honor this milestone was enough to finally turn an idea into action and restore the “I can” to my psyche.   I don’t really do portraits of people I know – if I do paint  any faces, they are mostly made up out of my imagination in other-worldly, fairy-like or visionary images.    I was due for a good challenge and rather pleased with the results–at least everyone knew it was him without a doubt!

Old Man & the Sea - Edmund Doglio 2016

“OLD MAN & THE SEA” – Acrylic on Canvas 12/2015

Slow Start Firing Up The Passion in 2016

Julia Cameron states:  “Growth is an erratic forward movement:  two steps forward, one step back.”  And…“A creative recovery is a healing process.”

2016 – My desire was to start this new year off in a whirl of inspiration, but instead I seemed to have muddled through all of January, not producing much or finding that the ideas sifting themselves in my brain fizzled before they had a chance to blossom.  Then seemingly out of the blue, I plunged into producing three challenging paintings in a clump of creativity  that just burst out of the inner me.  I love it when that happens! In the process I am inspired back to this blog, which I have woefully neglected.  (I still have plans to revamp this website.  I hope to make that a reality in the next few months.)

Recently I had picked up “Cezanne, His Life and Works in 500 Images” at the library, absorbing the feeling of his work.  I am drawn to how he portrays serenity and strength.  I often look to masters of his era to inspire me and teach when I feel stuck.  All artists have dry periods.  Try to see it not as a detriment, but a fertile void filled with potential.  Many times, journal writing jump starts the process.  When I feel a restlessness within the void, I know some creative potential is about to be born – that intuitive spark that fires us up again.

Three of the paintings that grew out of my January void reflect what pulled me at the moment in February.  The first of these is an adaption of a photo of Cali & Co dance team called “Emergence into HERE”, inspired by their  production of “Be Here Now”.  My intent is to portray the surprise of emerging from the cosmos into consciousness of HERE.

Emergence into HERE 2016

This meditative scene from a walk along the Russian River with my daughter, is inspired by two photos strung together to show a bucolic stretch of river.  My personal challenge was to portray the feeling of serenity in nature we both experienced.

Finding Serenity 2016

“Finding Serenity”  ~ acrylic on canvas, 2/2016

Sometimes even a fashion magazine inspires a theme for a painting, especially if you don’t have access to a live model.  The inspiration for “Study in Blue” came from an ad for artistic tile.   A few months back, I took a 3-day workshop on fashion drawing to help improve my skills in figures.  This painting was a fun challenge for me to capture a pose, muscles and skeletal structure of the model.   The blue skin makes her unique and I love the drama of it.

Study in Blue 2016

“Study in Blue” ~ acrylic on canvas, 2/2016

I have given myself enough successful challenges to keep wanting to push for more.  Each painting allows growth into more.  Painting in joy and a sense of playfulness brings the best results.  If I find myself struggling with a painting, I leave it until I find that inner flow again.

May your creative path for 2016 lead you on an exciting path of self-discovery and expression.  Take the road less traveled and see what it reveals to you.

© Maria Doglio, February 2016

References and thanks to the authors and artists:

  • The Artist’s Way Every Day,  by Julia Cameron
  • Cezanne, by Susie Hodge
  • Cali & CO dance/Matt EL, collaborative modern dance and music; www.calidance.info



Local Artists & Crafters

New Location for Made Local Marketplace & Open House 


manikin Xmas flag_fireplace

Manikin Angels Christmas Themed Bunting Flag          $55.00 

A wonderful group of local artists and crafters who are memers of Made Local Marketplace, will be celebrating their new and bigger space at 529 4th street, Santa Rosa, CA, with an open house Tuesday, December 8th from 5 to 7 pm.   The marketplace is a wonderful array of hand crafted items, paintings and photography  as well as hand crafted, gourmet food items from the artisans of the North Bay area.

Kelly, Pam and team are just getting started!  Additions coming soon to the new Made Local Marketplace….Coffee bar and baked goods from Criminal Bakery and a Maker Lab featuring paper and fiber arts in partnership with The Foundry Creative.  You can’t help getting inspired as you wander through their new space!

I’m happy to be among the crafters of the Marketplace, where you will find my upcycled lamps, and textile crafts just in time for holiday shopping.  You find a selection of my bunting flags with summer, fall and holiday themes.   I dug into my basket of material scraps to create a variety of unique “scrapy ornaments”, that will lend a rustic chic aspect to your Christmas tree.  I love the creative challenge of utilizing all those little pieces.

Here is a preview of some of my pieced work ornaments hat you will find at the Marketplace:

Pieced Ornament Collage

Also look for the a variety of bunting flags to add whimsey to your home, vintage camper or RV:

detail.manekin flag

Detail:  Manikin Bunting Flag

green Christmas flag

Bunting Flag:  Snowmen with Christmas Theme Applicaid Center:  $28.00

Santa Bunting Flag

Bunting Flag:  Pieced Santa’s:  $45.00


CA country Xmas flag

Bunting Flag:  California Country – $25.00

Towers Gallery ~ Another New Beginning


A new exhibit has started at the local Towers Gallery in the town where I live.  Featured in this new show are wonderful artists between 80 and 100 years of age.  The show is testimony to that creative spark that never ends and thrives – if you chose to let it.  I have met a few of these artists, who are as vibrant as their paintings.  They are my role models, they keep me inspired to keep creating art no matter what, and for however long I am on this earthly journey.

May 2015 Show_Towers GalleryThe new gallery is smaller, but still brims with a diversity of artistic expression ~ jewelry, fused glass, fabric art, metal sculpting, watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings, mixed media, and pottery fill the spaces in a more intimate setting.  If you are in the area, I hope you can stop by to meet the artists at May 30th’s reception ~ or anytime you are on your way north to the coast or south to San Francisco, I invite you take a diversion from that 101 freeway to Cloverdale Boulevard.

MY CORNER     My colorful pillows, in my “Pillow Your Nest”© Collection are now on sale at 20% off original price – choose one or two to brighten up your home or gift a friend.

Pillow Collage

Eight of my paintings are also on display.  Come see them close up and just maybe you’d like to bring one home to enhance the ambiance of your living space.  I paint subjects that intuitively speak to me in color, or form or landscape, and reflect my experience and appreciation for life around me and within me.


STAY TUNED for completion of my 12 canvas floor cloths project!  I’ve long been thinking of getting back to a passion of mine – canvas floor cloths, which I started making while living in Sedona, AZ.  An old craft brought from England by the colonists, these have a modern touch – amazingly durable, and a lovely, unique accent for your living space. Thinking about it long enough, I’m back into action making these and am reminded how much I love to create them – you can say I am on a quite a time-intensive ambitious roll and loving it!  Two complete and 10 on the design board to go.  (Ref:  Nov 17, 2014 blog and click on tab “stencil art” in the main menu)

You may contact me directly about any of these paintings.  I am also open to commissions for paintings or canvas floor cloths  Email me at mcdoglio44@gmail.com.

Sbarboro's Wine Train, Asti CA 2015

Sbarboro’s Wine Train, Asti, CA 2015 ~ 16 x 20, Framed, $854.00

Mykonos Evening Dec 2014

Mykonos Evening, Greece ~ 2014, 11 x 14, $350.00

Sea Fence at the Cottages

 SOLD Sea Fence at the Cottages, Crystal Cove, 2014 ~ 3 x 5 $75.00

China Beach Fishing, SF 2014

China Beach Fishing, 2014 ~ 8 x 8 ~ $135.00



Puffed Up Against the Chill - 2015

Puffed Up Against the Chill – 2015          9 x 12 $276.00

Asti Road, Cloverdale, CA

Asti Road, Cloverdale, CA 12 x 14 ~ $325.00

Passion_Jan 2015

PASSION 2015 ~ 18 x 24 $950.00

© Maria Doglio May, 2015

Feminine Mystique


“Who knows what women can be when they are finally free to become themselves? Who knows what women’s intelligence will contribute when it can be nourished without denying love?”

“The only way for a woman, as for a man, to find herself, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her own.”

Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique

Flipping pages through  a high society fashion magazine on a lazy afternoon, the unexpected and surprising inspiration for a painting came from a pretty, pouty young woman with a far away look, dressed in Channel Haute Couture, and to my mind, on the edge of rebelling into her own unique womanhood.    Her unruly auburn curls made a statement of her individuality as they spilled out onto her shoulders in defiance of taming.  I felt compelled to capture the essence of her porcelain face as she gazed out at her fantasy world from under an enormous black, veiled hat.

The Feminine Mystique.  With artistic license, I borrowed from the magazine image to portray the feeling I wanted to present, which is open to interpretation by the viewer to create their own story about her.  She has an aura of mystery that intriques and draws you into wanting to know more.  She has the charisma, the glamour, but lets you know that deep down, she is much more than a pretty face.


FEMININE MYSTIQUE ~ 12 x 16 Acrylic                                                        Currently on exhibit at Towers Gallery, 210 N. Cloverdale Blvd, Cloverdale, CA $400.00

As you expand into your creativity, expect to be inspired in unexpected places.   It is always a delight to find your muse leading you to push the envelope as you attempt to express your inner vision on the canvas. Trust your intuitiveness.   I often put a blank canvas on the easel and wait for that intuitive pull.  I wonder sometimes, if the canvas calls the muse until the energy of the calling reaches my consciousness, giving birth to inspiration.  In this painting, I believe it did.

© Maria Doglio, March 23, 2015

(Thank you to Town & Country Magazine, April 2015 issue, young model Stella Roversi, for your beauty and inspiration)


Celebration of Art at Towers Gallery 

You are Invited to Join Us!

Fine Art, Fine Food, Fine Wine and Fine Music,
Saturday February 21st    5pm to 

Music by Michael Hantman

Cloverdale is a small town in Northern Sonoma County with a big gallery.  At the far end of Cloverdale Blvd, Towers Gallery occupies a large Victorian with elegant and inviting twin stairs leading to it’s entrance.  Forty plus artists have gathered to show their work – paintings, sculptures, photography, jewelry, glass works, pottery, woodworking, textile craft and more.

A new show, called “New Beginnings” has just begun February 14th and runs to April 15th.  On Saturday, February 21st, you can meet the artists at the opening reception.

Happy to be a featured artist in this show, I have been on a roll in my studio the last two months painting in preparation, building my inventory.  Now that this show is hung, a wave of new paintings are on the horizon, still swimming in my head, waiting to manifest on canvas.   These days, my easel is not empty long.  I need more inventory, but I don’t want to rush it.  Every painting is an experiment.  Every painting teaches me.  I like to savor the process and feel what pulls me to paint.  When I am stuck, I look up the masters and contemplate their expressions in paint, or pull out an acrylic techniques book or peruse local artists works.   Like life, we never stop learning, and in doing so, we keep expanding our perspective.

My art shows my eclectic wanderings.  You can view two walls of my journey in art as you enter the gallery. Down the hall and around the corner is a little alcove with my textile craft of colorful pillows and a few more paintings.  Art celebrates life, creative imagination and emotional expression.  The Gallery is delightfully filled with it.  Art moves us in a personal way when we resonate with a particular piece.  Incorporating art that you love into your home is the ultimate sharing from the artist to you and keeps us all inspired.

Color Pillow Alcove

Colorful Pillows Alcove

A Glimpse of Select Paintings


Entry Hall Tower’s Gallery

Sbarboro's Wine Train, Asti CA 2015

Sbarboro’s Wine Train, Asti, CA

Towers.2 Towers.3 Towers.4 Towers.5 Towers.7 Towers.8

© Maria Doglio, 2015