Decorative Art On A Floor

Stenciled Floor Makes a Unique Statement

The Canvas is the Floor

Stenciling a floor in a Mill Valley, CA home was a challenging opportunity to help recreate a unique space for the owner, who brought the New England love of a stenciled house with her to California.  The kitchen floor had been previously stenciled years ago, but was now faded and worn.   I was approached to do the job through Monarch, my daughter-in-law’s store in Mill Valley, where I applied decorative stenciled art to the walls when the store opened 12 years ago.  The style of the stenciled art in the store compliments the Indian imports that are sold there.  As in the store, the stenciling in this home compliments the gambral roofed style of this lovely early 1900’s California home.

The floor was prepped – sanded and painted a creamy white by a professional contractor, ready as a primed blank canvas waiting to be filled.

The Floor is not a Wall ~ the Challenges of Floor Stencilling

Prep and planning is key prior to applying a design to any floor, while accounting for any oddities of shape, doorways and built in cabinets that might throw off careful measurements on graph paper.  I had photos of the old floor, the old stencils to work with and former pattern drawing from the previous stencil artist, plus my own rough graph paper pattern layout to help guide me in recreating the stenciled pattern on the main floor and two hallways.  If I thought a floor is as easy as stencilling a wall, my naive assumption in stencilling my first floor, quickly faded.

The borders came first, then numerous careful measuring and planning each row was calculated as I went, adjusting and compensating for areas of the room that jutted from the wall.  The project took 7 hours to complete the main area and one hall the first day, plus 2 more hours on a separate day to complete a small back hall that flowed into the kitchen area.  The first day’s work was almost a non-stop  stretch, resulting in lots of muscle aches from hunching over the stencils or kneeling along the floor.   I realized the next day that I should have taken more breaks to stretch, drink water and eat during the 7 hour stretch!  Instead, I worked in a rather obsessed fashion, totally absorbed in the creative and fun process of it.

As Sandra Buckingham notes in her book, Stencilling,  A Harrowsmith Guide:   “Measuring contributes the mental anguish to floor stenciling; working on your hands and knees provides the physical punishment.  The job always takes much longer than you think it will.”

Ultimately, the most important part of stencilling a floor is the planning ahead that keep problems to a minimum.  Read as much as you can about other stencil artists’ experiences; learn from their mistakes as well as your own.  In spite of careful prep you may still wind up eyeballing some sections so all remains looking balanced.  This happened in my case. The pattern absorbs any small irregularities with spacing and the placement of furniture further breaks up any notice of those irregularities.  In the end I felt fortunate that it all worked out.  I was pleased with the outcome, and most importantly, so was the home owner.

Maria Doglio – December 2016

See stenciled walls at:  Monarch, 27 Throckmorton Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941


Local Artists & Crafters

New Location for Made Local Marketplace & Open House 


manikin Xmas flag_fireplace

Manikin Angels Christmas Themed Bunting Flag          $55.00 

A wonderful group of local artists and crafters who are memers of Made Local Marketplace, will be celebrating their new and bigger space at 529 4th street, Santa Rosa, CA, with an open house Tuesday, December 8th from 5 to 7 pm.   The marketplace is a wonderful array of hand crafted items, paintings and photography  as well as hand crafted, gourmet food items from the artisans of the North Bay area.

Kelly, Pam and team are just getting started!  Additions coming soon to the new Made Local Marketplace….Coffee bar and baked goods from Criminal Bakery and a Maker Lab featuring paper and fiber arts in partnership with The Foundry Creative.  You can’t help getting inspired as you wander through their new space!

I’m happy to be among the crafters of the Marketplace, where you will find my upcycled lamps, and textile crafts just in time for holiday shopping.  You find a selection of my bunting flags with summer, fall and holiday themes.   I dug into my basket of material scraps to create a variety of unique “scrapy ornaments”, that will lend a rustic chic aspect to your Christmas tree.  I love the creative challenge of utilizing all those little pieces.

Here is a preview of some of my pieced work ornaments hat you will find at the Marketplace:

Pieced Ornament Collage

Also look for the a variety of bunting flags to add whimsey to your home, vintage camper or RV:

detail.manekin flag

Detail:  Manikin Bunting Flag

green Christmas flag

Bunting Flag:  Snowmen with Christmas Theme Applicaid Center:  $28.00

Santa Bunting Flag

Bunting Flag:  Pieced Santa’s:  $45.00


CA country Xmas flag

Bunting Flag:  California Country – $25.00

Wind In Her Hair Studio – Debut at Gin’Gilli’s Vintage Home

September 1, 2014 – Opening day for Wind In Her Hair Studio’s Space at Gin’Gilli’s
Gin’Gilli’s Vintage Home
21079 Geyserville Ave (Rt. 128)
Geyserville, CA

Take a look at Gin’Gilli’s on Facebook:

WIHH Studio at Gin'Gilli's_

Wind In Her Hair  Studio  Spot at Gin’Gilli’s

If you drive through downtown Geyserville on Route 128 while meandering your way through Alexander Valley’s Wine Country and small towns, be sure to stop by Gin’Gilli’s Vintage Home.  The big L-shaped barn is invitingly filled with antiques, vintage items of all sorts, crafts, imaginative up-cycled and re-purposed items transformed into art or other good use.  There is so much to see, a quick sweep through just doesn’t suffice – so plan to stay awhile.

I had the good fortune of being offered a space in the craft row that runs along the center of the wing.  I took a leap of faith, gathered all of my crafty pieces and set up my space this morning.  You’ll see my colorful up-cycled art lamps as you walk down the aisle.  You will find unique colorful pillows, painted furniture, mixed media art collages, a painted canvas floor cloth, lamp shades and more.  If you would like a pop of color or one-of-a-kind art and craft items, choose a piece to enhance and enjoy in your home.

Fulfilling my passion to craft and paint on a full time basis, doing the things that I love, keeps me centered and fulfilled in my life, and that positive energy spills out into everything else. Thank you all who read my posts, for following my creative journeys – always changing, always expanding.

Here are some close-up glimpses to entice you!

WIHH Studio_GG#5

Painted, Stenciled Chair, signed 2007 (Has a Canvas Floor Cloth to Match!)

WIHH Studio_GG#4

Mixed Media Collage’s and Vintage Metal Butterfly Votive, embellished with CeCe Caldwell Paint – comes  with a Bees Wax Candle

WIHH Studio_GG #3

Painted Art Lamps and Shades with CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk & Clay Paints (available at the store); Pillows and Collages;

WIHH Studio_GG #2

Stenciled Side Table (CeCe Caldwell’s Paint). Pillows, Stenciled Apple Wall Plaques