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DECEMBER, 2019: 

As this year closes and a new one begins, a transition of time and place has occurred.  WIND IN HER HAIR Studio has moved to a new home in West Pawlet, Vermont.  As things get settled and the studio gets set up, revamping this website and blog is in the works.

The header on this blog shows the last painting I completed in CA – “Lenticular Cloud over Mt. Shasta”.  Inspiration for the painting came from a photograph by “Graven Images”.   The contrast of stark cold and the warmth of the setting sun reflected in the cloud, which is starting to drift apart, fascinated me. 

To anyone who has been following me, thank you for your patience…it’s been a while since my last posting.  Transitions take time, but each week is a step closer to be up and painting again!   

Happy Holidays – a great time to create!  An abundance of  inspiration is all around!!

December 20, 2019, Maria Doglio

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Wolf as a Spiritual Pathfinder

Exploring the Wolf Animal Totem came from a gradual pull from my old friend, Spirit Wolf, who showed up in several visions during recent acupuncture* sessions.  Wolf energy stayed with me so strongly in such a patient, protective and loving way, that it became a bit of an obsession. Channeling this energy into painting seemed like the only way I could make sense of  understanding how and why this powerful energy was manifesting in my life right now.

I strongly feel that art embodies the vibration of the artist.  The energy of what I paint is embodied into the subject and it often jumps out at me in amazing ways and affects those who can relate to the art piece on a personal level.  Artists paint from a broader perspective when they are connected to their higher muse–art is a bridge from this higher perspective to the canvas.  When I paint intuitively, I feel the tapping of that  higher place and allow it to flow as I paint.   If you can’t paint what you feel deeply inside, walk away from the canvas until you can.  Wait for the flow and it will pop out into your expression on canvas.  I always find this process amazing. It was in this way that I started my wolf paintings journey.

Aspects of wolf spirit that resonate strongly within me are:  Strong connection with instincts or intuition; High intelligence, wisdom; Loyalty and communication; Deep desire for freedom.  It is these aspects I feel in my life that are pushing me to strengthen my intuitive side and utilize my empathic nature to follow a new path.   The old ways of being no longer work for me.  The attributes of wolf spirit are helping to show the way by showing up in specific moments of my life with their messages. Wolf is the pathfinder.  My wolf showed up waiting patiently, watching from the sidelines in a protective sense, reminding me that he is there when I need him.  He also showed up “in my face” asking me to focus!  Straying off my path is a habit of mine….staying focused, aware, and open to wisdom in an intuitive way will show me the new path  that is calling me.

The Painting Process

My inspiration for my wolf paintings came from photos from the internet, (photographers unknown, but am grateful for the inspiration they gave me).  I wanted my  first painting to reflect the wolf I was reunited with during a shamanic healing journey vision in the early 1990’s.  To this day, I can close my eyes, feel it’s fur and his energy as well as the deep emotion of that reunion.  It was a very powerful journey.  Spirit Wolf, for me, embodies the wolf of that journey.

Spirit Wolf ~ Acrylic on Canvas 12×16


Lady Gray Wolf

Balancing the energies, my second wolf painting has a more feminine quality.  This spirit wolf asked to be called “Lady Gray”.  She possesses a sweet elegance as she surveys her world in the cold dawn of a winter’s morning, greeting the potential of the new day.  All very significantly symbolic for me!  My daughter, visionary artist, Kate Langlois, said this of her, “She feels like she is so present and in tune with her innate nature of her existence, her divine duty/dharma!”

Lady Gray Wolf ~ Acrylic on Canvas 12×16

This painting journey had many lessons on many levels.  Each subject was a huge challenge and wonderful lesson in painting fur!  Capturing the spirit of the wolf that I was feeling was dependent on that flow from the higher perspective.  You can feel it when it clicks in, and keeps you going until you allow the painting to tell you when it’s finished.

May you be inspired in your creative journey; challenge yourself – you’ll be amazed what you can do!

*Special thanks to David Wolff Filipello, L.Ac, whose kindred spirit, shared wisdom and healing sessions have helped reunite me once again with the wolf spirit energy expressed here.  The journey never ends.

© Maria Doglio, June 2017 ~ Wind In Her Hair Studio



Live Worms Gallery Features Durga Art Collective

San Francisco, CA  ~  November 18, 19 & 20


I am delighted to once again participate in this show  as part of the Durga Art Collective.  Opening night reception is November 18th.  Please join us to view the work, meet the artists and celebrate the diverse creativity of their artist passions!

A sampling of some of my work for the show:


3 Tomatoes in a Ceramic Fish ~ acrylic on canvas


Sunflower ~ 2016 Garden ~ acrylic on canvas


Tropical Fantasy ~ acrylic & fabric Collage on wooden panel



Dream Scape ~ acrylic on canvas board, mounted on a wood panel

WAH! Fest 2016

We Are HERE! = WAH! Fest 2016

WAH! Festival 2016  ~ a festival focusing on women’s work in the arts.

presented by CALI & CO dance/Matt EL in partnership with Dance Mission Theater

April 29, 30 ~  7pm & 9pm   &   May 1 ~ 5pm & 7pm

6 exciting shows featuring contemporary dance, live music, visual art and discussion from renowned Bay Area women artists!

Dance Brigade’s Dance Mission

3316 24th St, San Francisco, California 94110

On April 29, 30 and May 1, 2016 at the Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco, you will have the opportunity to experience the strength and creative collaboration of women’s talent in the performing arts of Dance, Music, Fine Art and Creative Discussion.  Between performances A & B,  in the visual arts gallery, you can enjoy  work from three women artists, of whom I am one, as well as a panel discussion facilitated by Bay Area arts professionals.  Joining me in the gallery presentation of their work is visionary artist, Kate Langlois and artist, art educator, philanthropist, Nalyne Lunati.

Emergence into HERE 2016

Emergence into HERE, acrylic on canvas 15×30 ~ $950.00 Maria Doglio, 2016

WAH! Festival is a platform for diverse choreographers, musicians and visual artists creating contemporary work through a feminist lens, including those who identify on the gender continuum as woman. WAH! Fest, seeks to highlight the work of women in the arts, while giving back to the community.  For more information and tickets, click on or on Facebook.

About the painting, Emergence into HERE:  I took my artist imagination, inspired by a photo of CALI & CO dancers, and painted a scene of arrival into HERE from the cosmos. They are startled into awareness of higher consciousness of self, while colors of creativity burst and dance around them out of the void.

I am very thrilled and honored to be part of this production, which is rather a family affair of talented people:  WAH! Fest creators/presenters are Christine Cali, choreographer/director, my daughter-in-law along with her husband and my son, Matthew Langlois, musician/director.  My daughter, Kate Langlois, a visionary artist, joins me in the gallery.   The many talented choreographers, musicians and artists that have been gathered to create this festival make a strong statement of women’s diverse talent in today’s world of art and performance.  Please join us to help make this first annual event a rousing success of support and stimulation for continuing creativity!

Presenter information: &

30% of ticket sales to support San Francisco communities in need: Homeless Children’s Network, and San Francisco Safehouse.  Also, 30% of any of my original art pieces sold will be added to this donation.

© Wind In Her Hair Studio, Maria Doglio Art


The Times They are A Changing….

Feeling frustrated, for me, is a precursor to change, leading me to stir the complacent waters into something new.  According to the Mayan calendar, July 26th was the beginning of the new year.  The full moon showed a brilliant red in my nighttime sky, the result of  ash from a large wildfire–it was an astounding sight that makes you stand still to gaze in wonder.  Seven planets are in retrograde.   Seers tell us it’s a transitional year and I feel it urging me along.  The pushes and pulls of the planets, the moon and personal stage of life, are urging me on to higher plains, questioning the “no direction” I  seem to be circling in, and wanting to break free from an old part of myself  that holds me back.  Sometimes we just have to stop, quiet the mind and listen with our heart.  So that is what I am going to do.

I’d like my art to reflect that breaking out by letting my hand loose to explore a different type of expression.  Some of my visionary art is part of that, but I’d like to take it further, exploring more with color, texture and shapes to capture a mood moment, or set a tone.

NOW is the time to give myself space to recreate by taking some downtime.  When it feels right, do it now.  I will begin by cleaning up my art room, –it feels overgrown with junk— then smudging it with sage to clear out energy.  (A drum roll and an little more gumption to get started please!)  This web site is wanting reconstruction – stay tuned for that.  Blogs may be sporactic, but my intention is to share my journey to inspire others to keep reaching out to their creative muse, listening to and seeing what wants to present itself into a creative expression.   You may find it in the most ordinary places, like your own back yard!

Towers Gallery – Cloverdale, CA – The new 3-month show starts this month.  My art will be on display there for August only, then I will be pulling out as a member artist for a while to concentrate on new material.

Current Projects –  I have a 12-floor cloth project going – which may take some new modern twists from what I’ve done before.  Three done, nine to go! They are quite time-intensive, but I am passionate about creating them–that’s the important ingredient.  Here is a sneak peek at one of them.

Squares and Rectangles 2015

Ovals and Rectangles 3X5 Canvas Floor Cloth $950.00

I just picked up a Wabi-Sabi art workshop book by Serena Barton,  Check out her web site at  It’s a fabulous little book filled with techniques.  It is just what I need to encourage myself to express in a new way and just have fun as she describes it, “embracing imperfection and celebrating happy accidents”!

 New Paintings at Towers:  I’ve just completed a few new paintings that will be included at Towers Gallery this month.  They are quick studies of subjects I love – flowers, the ocean, and butterflies which join some others from the previous show.  The new exhibit officially starts August 15th, but most new hangings are up now.

Stillness brings clarity and from there we create what our heart sees.

© Maria Doglio August 2015

Zucchini Blossom2 2007

Zucchini Blossom, Acrylic on Canvas 4×4 $45.00 Painted in 2007 from my Sedona AZ garden

Sunflower 7-15

Sunflower – Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 12 $250.00 Every year, my sun flowers reseed themselves in my garden. They are a delight and shade my vegetables from the hot sun growing around them. Paying homage to this darker beauty.

Monarch 7-15

Monarch – Acrylic on canvas board – 4 x 6 in a vintage frame, $65.00  SOLD

Off Doheny Beach 7-15

Off Doheney Beach 8 x 8 Acrylic on Canvas $125.00

On The Easel – A Painting Journey


Some time in the late 70’s, I stood on a bridge in South Londonderry, Vermont, at sunset, looking out at the West River.  There were storm clouds clearing and an incredible light and colors of rose, yellow, lavendars, greys and whites reflected against billowing clouds.  I loved the drama of that sky!  The air was crisp and clean with hints of spring coming – my guess it was sometime in late March or early April.    We lived on the corner, at the junction of Route 100 and Winhall Hollow Road, just below the Londonderry Inn where I worked.   The river was a steady presence of the beauties of nature as it meandered through the village.  I liked being close to it, witness to all it’s seasonal stages, sounds and scenes it presented.  Camera in hand, I took a photo.

Some 35 years later, in my slow attempt to sort all my boxes of prints, I came across the photo, long forgotten.  Potential painting, I thought and put it in my folder of “painting ideas”, leaving it at that for some time longer.

Inspiration, and a Painting Challenge

There’s nothing like a couple of new canvases to get inspiration going.  Sometimes I like to just put a blank one on the easel for a few days, waiting to see what calls to my artistic muse.   I did that with a 20 x 24 canvas that sat for a week until I had the urge to look in my painting ideas folder.  Found again was the West River photo.  I was inspired, but I hesitated, wondering if I was up to the challenge of capturing the mood of the scene. I know that falling into doubt is a sure killer of inspiration, so I plunged ahead, taking it in slow stages – basic wash of color, then a light charcoal sketch.  I let it sit for another week before I prepared my painting pallette, finally starting in, laying a foundation of color contrasts of light and dark.

Once started,  the  painting process consumed me – day and night. This one was intense. If I couldn’t sleep, I found myself in the studio at 1 or 2 am, painting in PJ’s,  crawling back to bed to sleep off my odd hours burst of euphoria or to the kitchen for coffee to keep going.  I had to leave it for fresh air and walks and food, or a long restful nap.  I am careful not to paint when I feel too tired, even though I want to keep going in spite of it, but I know that’s when the flow dulls.  Rest periods give me a chance to study the stage I am at, contemplate next steps, what little subtle touchs are needed that make a big difference.


I wanted to take it slower, but this painting wouldn’t let me, it seems.  I painted long hours instead.   I stepped up to meet my self-imposed challenge.  In doing so I’ve expanded my experience as an artist, learning a lot along the way.  I find that each painting allows me to reach further, be bolder, experiment more and more.  Crush the doubt, silence the inner critic as soon as possible and just begin!  If I get stuck, I leave it for a while and consult the old masters.  The painting isn’t photo perfect, but it’s my interpretation of that moment in time. It is the feeling of the scene that was important for me to capture and share.

Even though signed and dated,  I will let the painting sit on my easel for a while to contemplate it’s completeness, letting my eyes rest from it a bit, and maybe tweak it here and there.  I suppose the tweaking can be endless, but also good to understand when to stop. This one will be framed in a beautiful wood frame that compliments the scene.  I’ve had it in my collection of old used frames for a number of years, waiting for the right painting.  Whether this painting of the West River will make it’s way into a gallery or not, is yet to be seen.  Some of my paintings are too nostalgic for me to let go – this may be one of them.

West River, So. Londonderry, VT – On The Easel 

West River_on the easel March 2015

©  Maria Doglio, March 2015

Painting JOY of it All on Canvas


“It is so easy to make the finding of the path so much more complicated than it really needs to be because from within you know if you have been willing to tune yourself to feeling good, no matter what, so that that’s what matters most to you…then in your natural quest for joy you’ll just keep being on your path…your path unfolds.” – Abraham-Hicks

The path never ends – it just keeps expanding.  The revelation, for me personally today in this new year, is that we either allow the flow or we block it.  The trick is to recognize and understand the blocks, release and allow the flow to return ones self to balance.  Joy within provides the balance and is the key to the flow.  


Passion_Jan 2015

PASSION – Acrylic on Canvas, 18 x 24


Marmaid Magic 2014 Mixed Media

Mermaid Magic, Mixed Media                                                                               Acrylic, Shells, Netting, Glitter on Canvas 16 x 20


Mykonos Evening Dec 2014

Mykonos Evening, Acrylic on Canvas 11 x 16

© Maria Doglio 2015



Dazzle it is…..

I INVITE YOU to meander through the rooms of art at Towers Gallery in Cloverdale, California. I an delighted to be among the many artists of Sonoma county showing their work in this fall’s exhibition, now in progress.

Seven paintings in acrylic grace two walls at the gallery.  One of the front rooms features lovely displays of fabric art, glass, wood, jewelry and pottery.  Among them are an array of my one of a kind pillows.

My hope is to entice you to take a lovely drive to Sonoma County north, through Alexander Valley and to this little town with the big Victorian housing the gallery.  Be inspired by the many artists exhibiting there, and may you be dazzled by their creative spirit.

Pillows on Display

Pillow On Display

Everyone Needs a Pillow!


Russian River Reflection and the Autumn Blue Muse

Russian River Reflection and the Autumn Blue Muse

Asti Road The Last Dahlia of Summer

Asti Road
The Last Dahlia of Summer

In The Night Forest - Towers

In The Night Forest

Sea Fence at Crystal Cove

Sea Fence at Crystal Cove

Nature Devas

Nature Devas


COMINGS AND GOINGS ~ New and exciting times out of Wind In Her Hair Art Studio with positive changes coming right up!

First  ~ I am moving out of my craft space in Gin’Gilli’s Vintage Home in Geyserville, CA; Final day is November 15th – Check out some good sales on my pillows and art lamps!  Sad to go, but this was a good marketing learning experience.

Second ~ I am so excited to be joining the artisans at Made Local Marketplace on 5th Street in Santa Rosa, CA.  Delivering my pillows, buntings and a few lamps next week!  Check it out at

Third ~ I will be exhibiting six paintings at Towers Gallery in Cloverdale, CA as part of their new show starting November 2, 2014.  Watch my blog for the flyer announcing the opening!  You will also be able to find my designer pillows in the craft section of their gallery.  I am very thrilled to be part of this talented collective of artists.  Check out:

Click on the Fine Arts tab in the menu bar to see some of the paintings that will be part of this show; click on Fabric Art / Pillow Gallery for my designer pillow collection.

Last Hoorah at GinGilli's Vintage Home, Geyserville, CA

Last Hoorah at GinGilli’s Vintage Home, Geyserville, CA


TRANSITIONAL DECADE  A Reflection on Turning 70

Me Sampling A Moscow Mule


Letting go of the 60’s years and back beyond with it’s sometimes bumpy road, it’s highs, its lows, it’s sorrows, forgiveness’s and the stuckness of spinning wheels. Enough now, it’s all passed.  No more resistance ~ more allowing, in harmony I will flow.

Turning, crossing the threshold, letting go the illusions of perceived common sense and reason, I will enter this next decade’s season following my heart, my passion, not so much my head; less confusion and more fusion, is the road to which I am led.

The beloved Crone, the Wise Women, I join you, embracing this transition, full on. I will start to unfold, dancing down that uncommon road, coming into myself, my worth, my eternal beingness, understanding, maybe, for the first time, (and it’s a long time coming), this jumping out of the “what’s expected of me” mold.

I shall spin my 70 year old heart with love, joy and connection of endless creativity that keeps me expanding, weaving life’s shining threads, that “turns to gold”, if I play the game right.  Like buds ready to burst in spring, like a bird ready to take flight, I enter my personal new decade with levity, for truly, if we choose to see it, feel it, and create it, it is always A BEAUTIFUL DAY!

– Maria Catherine Doglio – September 6, 2014

Birthday Poem Inspired by the song 

Turns to Gold, ~ Welcome Matt Music (click title to play song)

With love and appreciation to my fabulous children, their cherished husbands, wives , my amazing grandchildren and my two ex-husbands, who taught me how to come into my own strength, and never forgetting the courage, fortitude and richness of life that all my Italian ancestors showed me.