Painting JOY of it All on Canvas


“It is so easy to make the finding of the path so much more complicated than it really needs to be because from within you know if you have been willing to tune yourself to feeling good, no matter what, so that that’s what matters most to you…then in your natural quest for joy you’ll just keep being on your path…your path unfolds.” – Abraham-Hicks

The path never ends – it just keeps expanding.  The revelation, for me personally today in this new year, is that we either allow the flow or we block it.  The trick is to recognize and understand the blocks, release and allow the flow to return ones self to balance.  Joy within provides the balance and is the key to the flow.  


Passion_Jan 2015

PASSION – Acrylic on Canvas, 18 x 24


Marmaid Magic 2014 Mixed Media

Mermaid Magic, Mixed Media                                                                               Acrylic, Shells, Netting, Glitter on Canvas 16 x 20


Mykonos Evening Dec 2014

Mykonos Evening, Acrylic on Canvas 11 x 16

© Maria Doglio 2015

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