Canvas Floor Cloths

My history of canvas floor cloths started in Sedona.  I became passionate about them – a very intensive, time consuming project, but totally a labor of love!  I am preparing to return to them with renewed insights for design, incorporating the old classic designs as well as contemporary,  in the near future.

Canvas floor cloths is an old art which has enjoyed revival over the years and I am amazed to find such wonderful creativity presented by crafts people and artists everywhere today.  They are surprisingly durable and easy to maintain with soap and water.  I’ve had one on my floor in an entrance hall for years with no sign of wear.

A couple of my favorite reference books for inspiration and how to’s are:

  • Floorcloth Magic by Lisa Curry Mair – not only a fabulous collection of various artists, but easy to follow instructions for creating your own.
  • The Complete Book of Floorcloths  by Kathy Cooper and Jan Hersey is another great book that also gives a history of floorcloths that started in the 1700s.

My floorcloths incorporate both stenciled design and freehand painting.  I experimented with a small one first, got bitten by “floorcloth magic”, and went on to bigger ones and some custom work for a few people.  I hope this gallery inspires you to give it a try!

Small Stenciled Canvas rug 2005

Small Stenciled Canvas rug 2005

Above, is my first canvas floor cloth using some of my own stencil designs.

Kitchen – mixed design floorcloth for a friend’s home near Sedona – stenciled and freehand painted designs – 2006

Mixed Design 2006

Mixed Design 2006

ML's Kitchen

ML’s Kitchen

The floorcloth below was custom designed for a neighbor to match pillows on her sofa;  Great design inspiration for coordinating home decor–just look around you — fabric, rugs, nature – all can be inspirations for your rug.  No limitations for your imagination!

Custom Design for Neighbor's home

Custom Design for Neighbor’s Home – 2006

This is my Indian Basket stencil designed floorcloth that sits in my entrance hall today – stenciled and hand painted free design.  One of my favorites.

Indian Baskets 2006

Indian Baskets 2006

With fond memories of summers on Nantucket and a love of mermaids, I created this rug, which hangs on a wall vs. the floor.  It needs a beach house entry way!  It’s a playful piece, hand painted with stenciled border.

Nantucket Mermaid

Nantucket Mermaid – Sedona House Den


Mermaid 2006

Dragon Fly - Flower

Dragon Fly – Flower

Another Small Canvas Floor Cloth that I created to match a chair; It now hangs on a wall in my Art Room.  The flower stencil was designed from a rug pattern.

The Monarch Butterfly Floorcloth  below was a gift to my daughter-in-law, Punam Thakran,  for her store in Mill Valley, CA called Monarch.  I especially loved painting the butterflies on this piece.

Monarch, canvas floorcloth 2005

Monarch, canvas floorcloth 

Detail, Center Monarch Butterfly

Detail, Center Monarch Butterfly

Monarch detail1

Monarch Detail, Left

Monarch detail2

Monarch Butterfly Detail, Right

Maria Doglio © 2014

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