Wind In Her Hair Art in Vermont!

DECEMBER, 2019: 

As this year closes and a new one begins, a transition of time and place has occurred.  WIND IN HER HAIR Studio has moved to a new home in West Pawlet, Vermont.  As things get settled and the studio gets set up, revamping this website and blog is in the works.

The header on this blog shows the last painting I completed in CA – “Lenticular Cloud over Mt. Shasta”.  Inspiration for the painting came from a photograph by “Graven Images”.   The contrast of stark cold and the warmth of the setting sun reflected in the cloud, which is starting to drift apart, fascinated me. 

To anyone who has been following me, thank you for your patience…it’s been a while since my last posting.  Transitions take time, but each week is a step closer to be up and painting again!   

Happy Holidays – a great time to create!  An abundance of  inspiration is all around!!

December 20, 2019, Maria Doglio

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