WAH! Fest 2016

We Are HERE! = WAH! Fest 2016

WAH! Festival 2016  ~ a festival focusing on women’s work in the arts.

presented by CALI & CO dance/Matt EL in partnership with Dance Mission Theater

April 29, 30 ~  7pm & 9pm   &   May 1 ~ 5pm & 7pm

6 exciting shows featuring contemporary dance, live music, visual art and discussion from renowned Bay Area women artists!

Dance Brigade’s Dance Mission

3316 24th St, San Francisco, California 94110

On April 29, 30 and May 1, 2016 at the Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco, you will have the opportunity to experience the strength and creative collaboration of women’s talent in the performing arts of Dance, Music, Fine Art and Creative Discussion.  Between performances A & B,  in the visual arts gallery, you can enjoy  work from three women artists, of whom I am one, as well as a panel discussion facilitated by Bay Area arts professionals.  Joining me in the gallery presentation of their work is visionary artist, Kate Langlois and artist, art educator, philanthropist, Nalyne Lunati.

Emergence into HERE 2016

Emergence into HERE, acrylic on canvas 15×30 ~ $950.00 Maria Doglio, 2016

WAH! Festival is a platform for diverse choreographers, musicians and visual artists creating contemporary work through a feminist lens, including those who identify on the gender continuum as woman. WAH! Fest, seeks to highlight the work of women in the arts, while giving back to the community.  For more information and tickets, click on www.wahfest.com or on Facebook.

About the painting, Emergence into HERE:  I took my artist imagination, inspired by a photo of CALI & CO dancers, and painted a scene of arrival into HERE from the cosmos. They are startled into awareness of higher consciousness of self, while colors of creativity burst and dance around them out of the void.

I am very thrilled and honored to be part of this production, which is rather a family affair of talented people:  WAH! Fest creators/presenters are Christine Cali, choreographer/director, my daughter-in-law along with her husband and my son, Matthew Langlois, musician/director.  My daughter, Kate Langlois, a visionary artist, joins me in the gallery.   The many talented choreographers, musicians and artists that have been gathered to create this festival make a strong statement of women’s diverse talent in today’s world of art and performance.  Please join us to help make this first annual event a rousing success of support and stimulation for continuing creativity!

Presenter information: www.calidance.info &  www.mattelmusic.com

30% of ticket sales to support San Francisco communities in need: Homeless Children’s Network, and San Francisco Safehouse.  Also, 30% of any of my original art pieces sold will be added to this donation.

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