Wind In Her Hair Studio – Debut at Gin’Gilli’s Vintage Home

September 1, 2014 – Opening day for Wind In Her Hair Studio’s Space at Gin’Gilli’s
Gin’Gilli’s Vintage Home
21079 Geyserville Ave (Rt. 128)
Geyserville, CA

Take a look at Gin’Gilli’s on Facebook:

WIHH Studio at Gin'Gilli's_

Wind In Her Hair  Studio  Spot at Gin’Gilli’s

If you drive through downtown Geyserville on Route 128 while meandering your way through Alexander Valley’s Wine Country and small towns, be sure to stop by Gin’Gilli’s Vintage Home.  The big L-shaped barn is invitingly filled with antiques, vintage items of all sorts, crafts, imaginative up-cycled and re-purposed items transformed into art or other good use.  There is so much to see, a quick sweep through just doesn’t suffice – so plan to stay awhile.

I had the good fortune of being offered a space in the craft row that runs along the center of the wing.  I took a leap of faith, gathered all of my crafty pieces and set up my space this morning.  You’ll see my colorful up-cycled art lamps as you walk down the aisle.  You will find unique colorful pillows, painted furniture, mixed media art collages, a painted canvas floor cloth, lamp shades and more.  If you would like a pop of color or one-of-a-kind art and craft items, choose a piece to enhance and enjoy in your home.

Fulfilling my passion to craft and paint on a full time basis, doing the things that I love, keeps me centered and fulfilled in my life, and that positive energy spills out into everything else. Thank you all who read my posts, for following my creative journeys – always changing, always expanding.

Here are some close-up glimpses to entice you!

WIHH Studio_GG#5

Painted, Stenciled Chair, signed 2007 (Has a Canvas Floor Cloth to Match!)

WIHH Studio_GG#4

Mixed Media Collage’s and Vintage Metal Butterfly Votive, embellished with CeCe Caldwell Paint – comes  with a Bees Wax Candle

WIHH Studio_GG #3

Painted Art Lamps and Shades with CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk & Clay Paints (available at the store); Pillows and Collages;

WIHH Studio_GG #2

Stenciled Side Table (CeCe Caldwell’s Paint). Pillows, Stenciled Apple Wall Plaques