Towers Gallery ~ Another New Beginning


A new exhibit has started at the local Towers Gallery in the town where I live.  Featured in this new show are wonderful artists between 80 and 100 years of age.  The show is testimony to that creative spark that never ends and thrives – if you chose to let it.  I have met a few of these artists, who are as vibrant as their paintings.  They are my role models, they keep me inspired to keep creating art no matter what, and for however long I am on this earthly journey.

May 2015 Show_Towers GalleryThe new gallery is smaller, but still brims with a diversity of artistic expression ~ jewelry, fused glass, fabric art, metal sculpting, watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings, mixed media, and pottery fill the spaces in a more intimate setting.  If you are in the area, I hope you can stop by to meet the artists at May 30th’s reception ~ or anytime you are on your way north to the coast or south to San Francisco, I invite you take a diversion from that 101 freeway to Cloverdale Boulevard.

MY CORNER     My colorful pillows, in my “Pillow Your Nest”© Collection are now on sale at 20% off original price – choose one or two to brighten up your home or gift a friend.

Pillow Collage

Eight of my paintings are also on display.  Come see them close up and just maybe you’d like to bring one home to enhance the ambiance of your living space.  I paint subjects that intuitively speak to me in color, or form or landscape, and reflect my experience and appreciation for life around me and within me.


STAY TUNED for completion of my 12 canvas floor cloths project!  I’ve long been thinking of getting back to a passion of mine – canvas floor cloths, which I started making while living in Sedona, AZ.  An old craft brought from England by the colonists, these have a modern touch – amazingly durable, and a lovely, unique accent for your living space. Thinking about it long enough, I’m back into action making these and am reminded how much I love to create them – you can say I am on a quite a time-intensive ambitious roll and loving it!  Two complete and 10 on the design board to go.  (Ref:  Nov 17, 2014 blog and click on tab “stencil art” in the main menu)

You may contact me directly about any of these paintings.  I am also open to commissions for paintings or canvas floor cloths  Email me at

Sbarboro's Wine Train, Asti CA 2015

Sbarboro’s Wine Train, Asti, CA 2015 ~ 16 x 20, Framed, $854.00

Mykonos Evening Dec 2014

Mykonos Evening, Greece ~ 2014, 11 x 14, $350.00

Sea Fence at the Cottages

 SOLD Sea Fence at the Cottages, Crystal Cove, 2014 ~ 3 x 5 $75.00

China Beach Fishing, SF 2014

China Beach Fishing, 2014 ~ 8 x 8 ~ $135.00



Puffed Up Against the Chill - 2015

Puffed Up Against the Chill – 2015          9 x 12 $276.00

Asti Road, Cloverdale, CA

Asti Road, Cloverdale, CA 12 x 14 ~ $325.00

Passion_Jan 2015

PASSION 2015 ~ 18 x 24 $950.00

© Maria Doglio May, 2015


Celebration of Art at Towers Gallery 

You are Invited to Join Us!

Fine Art, Fine Food, Fine Wine and Fine Music,
Saturday February 21st    5pm to 

Music by Michael Hantman

Cloverdale is a small town in Northern Sonoma County with a big gallery.  At the far end of Cloverdale Blvd, Towers Gallery occupies a large Victorian with elegant and inviting twin stairs leading to it’s entrance.  Forty plus artists have gathered to show their work – paintings, sculptures, photography, jewelry, glass works, pottery, woodworking, textile craft and more.

A new show, called “New Beginnings” has just begun February 14th and runs to April 15th.  On Saturday, February 21st, you can meet the artists at the opening reception.

Happy to be a featured artist in this show, I have been on a roll in my studio the last two months painting in preparation, building my inventory.  Now that this show is hung, a wave of new paintings are on the horizon, still swimming in my head, waiting to manifest on canvas.   These days, my easel is not empty long.  I need more inventory, but I don’t want to rush it.  Every painting is an experiment.  Every painting teaches me.  I like to savor the process and feel what pulls me to paint.  When I am stuck, I look up the masters and contemplate their expressions in paint, or pull out an acrylic techniques book or peruse local artists works.   Like life, we never stop learning, and in doing so, we keep expanding our perspective.

My art shows my eclectic wanderings.  You can view two walls of my journey in art as you enter the gallery. Down the hall and around the corner is a little alcove with my textile craft of colorful pillows and a few more paintings.  Art celebrates life, creative imagination and emotional expression.  The Gallery is delightfully filled with it.  Art moves us in a personal way when we resonate with a particular piece.  Incorporating art that you love into your home is the ultimate sharing from the artist to you and keeps us all inspired.

Color Pillow Alcove

Colorful Pillows Alcove

A Glimpse of Select Paintings


Entry Hall Tower’s Gallery

Sbarboro's Wine Train, Asti CA 2015

Sbarboro’s Wine Train, Asti, CA

Towers.2 Towers.3 Towers.4 Towers.5 Towers.7 Towers.8

© Maria Doglio, 2015