Streams of Thought

Emitting Streams of Thought

Emitting Streams of Thought –            (while sitting in nature on a spring day, contemplating life.)                       pen and ink sketch  

Experience Everyone is having an experience.  Everyone is having an experience unique to their own inner world view.  All experiences are legitimate.  All experiences are our lessons.  All experiences move us up or move us down the ladder of ascension to the light.   Moving toward the light is essential  for ultimate experience, not only for ourselves, but for the evolution of humanity.  All of our experiences weave together in oneness as collective consciousness.  In this way, we influence how the world moves.  The sheer energy of our experience, our streams of thought, push how the world moves.  Each one of us affects the whole.

Qui-Gon Jin (The Phantom Menace), reminds us of our need for mindfulness in life:  “Always remember…your focus determines your reality.”

My focus these days, as I move forward into a new phase of my life as artist and sage woman, is to do so with mindful creation in all areas of my life.  From our creative mind and through the many forms of ART, we are able to express our deepest experiences to the world.  Through ART we tell our stories.  Embrace your creative experience. 

Maria Doglio © 2014

Springs Arrival - Cloverdale, CA

Spring’s Arrival – Cloverdale, CA

May the Fire of Renewal in Spring’s Arrival Light the Fire of your Creative Mind!

I am grateful for the beauty of nature that surrounds me in these hills and valleys.

2 thoughts on “Streams of Thought

    • Yes, contemplation day. One step back, but three steps forward. Spring cleaning my old negativity as well as my house! Next step is to organize my art room and bring in new energy!


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