TORCH GINGER DEVA ~ Completing the Circle

The Painting that Turned into a Prayer and Celebration of Life 

This Post is Dedicated to Sue Hoya Sellars     ∴

Poetic Artists

Splattering liquid iridescence,
a splash of color on the page.
Colors spilled by my emotions,
by words which grow with age.
Works of art made by a poet
by spattering paper in solace ink.
Spilling their words of wisdom,
and sharing what they think.
Masterpieces made by a poetess
by spilling words into endless space.
Sharing a heart wrenching story,
writing with finesse and grace.
Splattering liquid iridescence,
a splash of color with every word.
We are all poetic artists,
no matter how different we’re all heard.
    … by Iridescent Moon
Torch Ginger Deva Acrylic on Canvas Board 16 x 20

Torch Ginger Deva
Acrylic on Canvas Board 16 x 20

She moves out of the mist to speak to humanity, her heart chakra aglow, to remind us of our oneness with all things and that Love is the foundation as we create within ourselves and co-create with the larger world around us.  This flower Deva boldly expresses grace and beauty as well as strength.  She is back lit with Divine light encouraging us to expand into understanding of who we really are.

We of the large family of Cosmic Cowgirl group of artists have been praying through painting, poetry and ceremony as our matriarch mentor, Sue Hoya Sellars moves through a challenging healing journey….maybe more challenging for us than for her, as she is floating and allowing what is, and we have been somewhat resistant to let go of our human experience with her….for she is greatly loved.  What she has given us, and continues to give us never ends.  It just keeps expanding.

Circle of Deva’s 

My painting journey to a deeper embrace and connection with nature and all her realms.

Nature Deva Series© Maria Doglio, September 2014