Her song abundant with perfume
that soars like incense to the skies,
earth holds her beauty in its grasp
that buds the Bird of Paradise
(excerpt from a poem by Elfin “Bird of Paradise)
Begin by thinking about the nature spirits, the higher overlighting nature spirits, and tune into them. That will be so unusual as to draw their interest here. They will be overjoyed to find some members of the human race eager for their help.”  (Nature, channeled by Dorothy MacLean, Findhorn Foundation)

The “Bird of Paradise Deva” emerged, I am sure, with the inspirational help of the overlighting spirit that holds the blueprint for the Bird of Paradise.  I am grateful for the intuitive guidance that helped me hold my vision.

The sketch of this particular Deva sat on my easel for a few weeks so I could contemplate my approach.  I started tentatively painting with some difficulty, until I realized I wasn’t “tuning in”.   I let it sit for another week of contemplation, with rather flat leaves beginning to form a foundation.

Giving a project enough patience, there comes a point when the vision, the energy and the feeling of the painting all merge to combine a calling back to the easel—I was in sync.  As I tuned into the feeling of the painting more, the imagery in my inner vision began to flow out onto the canvas from paint to form with little effort.  I fell into the painting, time and day of the week disappearing along with it.  What a soul-satisfying  feeling of emergence!  The Deva emerged with a startling strong energy, that frankly I cannot explain.  My friend Cathy attested to this upon viewing it – as chills enveloped her body.  “Well this confirms I am not crazy!”, I told her.  The energy was definitely present.

The Bird of Paradise Deva is the first in my series of Four Devas of Nature – enjoy the journey with me as I complete each painting and post my experience with it here.  Maybe she will speak to you too.  Be inspired!


Maria Doglio 2014

Bird of Paradise Deva – Maria Doglio 2014 – Acrylic on Canvas Board 16 x 20

 © Maria Doglio 2014


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