Sweet Vintage Trailer Home Show Booth

SHOW TIME:  Saturday August 16, 2014 – Wind In Her Hair Studio Booth

Mastering logistics of space, learning how to maneuver the new pop-up canopy, my daughter Kate and I at the Gin’Gilli Sweet Vintage Trailer Show, ready for show time.  Nice meeting all the vendors, fell in love with the fairy-like vintage trailers, and survived the desert-like heat of the afternoon – glad to have that canopy.  THANK YOU to friends who stopped by!

photo 2 (1)

Maria Doglio –  “Wind In Her Hair Studio” crafts & mixed media

Kate didn’t get to sell her sweet “Fairy Bloom painting, but after a morning walk, came home to find it “magically” hanging over my bed!  ♥♥♥

photo 3 (1)

Artist Kate Langlois 

Visit:  www.katelangloisart.com


We wound up rearranging the booth several times throughout the day for better display advantage.  My first time craft booth experience since years ago when we lived in Vermont – a good learning experience.

Down Memory Lane in Vermont:

Vermont Circa 1980's - craft fair

Shaftsbury, Vermont ~ Circa, 1980’s with Kate Langlois and her friend Randy (My “Harvest Moon Stencil Studio” years)

Back to the present –

Booth Shot #2Booth Shot#3

Booth Shot #1

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