DURGA, our collective namesake, is the Hindu Mother of the Universe and the power behind creativity.  She greeted all who entered the Gallery from a chair in the front window……and certainly blessed the ten artists in this collective with a spirited gathering for success.  It was an amazing weekend with an eclectic crowd of North Beach old timers, telling fabulous stories of the beatnik days, locals of all ages, holiday travelers, art collectors and curious passers by.

DURGA - Our Patron

Art by Kate Langlois; Durga sign by Ben Bhat

Opening morning, my daughter and I renewed the energy of the gallery space with Reiki and called in the powers of the four directions and Durga to bless the artists in their work. The shift of energy was evident – we all felt it – and the result was a positive weekend of connecting and selling art!

A view of the Gallery filled with art works from the Durga Art Collective, May 30th to June 1:

Ready to go!

Photo by Jaya Bhat

Opening Night!Ten amazing artists represented were:  Krishna Bhat, Mieze Steinberg, Kate Langlois, Ameena Hartung, Pierre Shamel, Maria Doglio, Jason Steinberg, Liza Brown, Annette Wagner and Jaya Bhat



Opening Night was packed from 7 pm to 11 pm with a most positive and fun crowd flowing in and around to meet all of the artists.

Long View - Opening night






Me, talking up my art to guests, opening night

Ameena & Krishna


Ameena & Krishna – the force behind the creation of the Durga Art Collective!






Me, below, in front of my section of gallery wall.

Me in front of my art wall


Me & Kate at showMy daughter, visionary artist, Kate Langlois – family and friends were all part of the collective – Kate’s husband Jaya Bhat, photography; artists Krishna Bhat and his partner, Ameena Hartung; cousins Jason Steinberg, photography and Mieze Steinberg, artist.  Annette, Liza and Pierre, although not related, were all close friends of family members. This thread of family and friendship pulled us all together.

Kate and me in front of my art wall. Day 3, exhausted but happy with our sales.  In the end, we were all reluctant to pack up and go.  We gathered in a circle under rays of sunshine flowing from the skylight. Each offered a prayer of thanks, joined hands in the center and threw our prayers up to the sky.

We parted, with seeds already planted for the next Durga Art Collective Show.

Thanks to Judy from SF Live Worms Gallery for photos of event on