Local Artists & Crafters

New Location for Made Local Marketplace & Open House 


manikin Xmas flag_fireplace

Manikin Angels Christmas Themed Bunting Flag          $55.00 

A wonderful group of local artists and crafters who are memers of Made Local Marketplace, will be celebrating their new and bigger space at 529 4th street, Santa Rosa, CA, with an open house Tuesday, December 8th from 5 to 7 pm.   The marketplace is a wonderful array of hand crafted items, paintings and photography  as well as hand crafted, gourmet food items from the artisans of the North Bay area.

Kelly, Pam and team are just getting started!  Additions coming soon to the new Made Local Marketplace….Coffee bar and baked goods from Criminal Bakery and a Maker Lab featuring paper and fiber arts in partnership with The Foundry Creative.  You can’t help getting inspired as you wander through their new space!

I’m happy to be among the crafters of the Marketplace, where you will find my upcycled lamps, and textile crafts just in time for holiday shopping.  You find a selection of my bunting flags with summer, fall and holiday themes.   I dug into my basket of material scraps to create a variety of unique “scrapy ornaments”, that will lend a rustic chic aspect to your Christmas tree.  I love the creative challenge of utilizing all those little pieces.

Here is a preview of some of my pieced work ornaments hat you will find at the Marketplace:

Pieced Ornament Collage

Also look for the a variety of bunting flags to add whimsey to your home, vintage camper or RV:

detail.manekin flag

Detail:  Manikin Bunting Flag

green Christmas flag

Bunting Flag:  Snowmen with Christmas Theme Applicaid Center:  $28.00

Santa Bunting Flag

Bunting Flag:  Pieced Santa’s:  $45.00


CA country Xmas flag

Bunting Flag:  California Country – $25.00


The Times They are A Changing….

Feeling frustrated, for me, is a precursor to change, leading me to stir the complacent waters into something new.  According to the Mayan calendar, July 26th was the beginning of the new year.  The full moon showed a brilliant red in my nighttime sky, the result of  ash from a large wildfire–it was an astounding sight that makes you stand still to gaze in wonder.  Seven planets are in retrograde.   Seers tell us it’s a transitional year and I feel it urging me along.  The pushes and pulls of the planets, the moon and personal stage of life, are urging me on to higher plains, questioning the “no direction” I  seem to be circling in, and wanting to break free from an old part of myself  that holds me back.  Sometimes we just have to stop, quiet the mind and listen with our heart.  So that is what I am going to do.

I’d like my art to reflect that breaking out by letting my hand loose to explore a different type of expression.  Some of my visionary art is part of that, but I’d like to take it further, exploring more with color, texture and shapes to capture a mood moment, or set a tone.

NOW is the time to give myself space to recreate by taking some downtime.  When it feels right, do it now.  I will begin by cleaning up my art room, –it feels overgrown with junk— then smudging it with sage to clear out energy.  (A drum roll and an little more gumption to get started please!)  This web site is wanting reconstruction – stay tuned for that.  Blogs may be sporactic, but my intention is to share my journey to inspire others to keep reaching out to their creative muse, listening to and seeing what wants to present itself into a creative expression.   You may find it in the most ordinary places, like your own back yard!

Towers Gallery – Cloverdale, CA – The new 3-month show starts this month.  My art will be on display there for August only, then I will be pulling out as a member artist for a while to concentrate on new material.

Current Projects –  I have a 12-floor cloth project going – which may take some new modern twists from what I’ve done before.  Three done, nine to go! They are quite time-intensive, but I am passionate about creating them–that’s the important ingredient.  Here is a sneak peek at one of them.

Squares and Rectangles 2015

Ovals and Rectangles 3X5 Canvas Floor Cloth $950.00

I just picked up a Wabi-Sabi art workshop book by Serena Barton,  Check out her web site at www.sarenabarton.com.  It’s a fabulous little book filled with techniques.  It is just what I need to encourage myself to express in a new way and just have fun as she describes it, “embracing imperfection and celebrating happy accidents”!

 New Paintings at Towers:  I’ve just completed a few new paintings that will be included at Towers Gallery this month.  They are quick studies of subjects I love – flowers, the ocean, and butterflies which join some others from the previous show.  The new exhibit officially starts August 15th, but most new hangings are up now.

Stillness brings clarity and from there we create what our heart sees.

© Maria Doglio August 2015

Zucchini Blossom2 2007

Zucchini Blossom, Acrylic on Canvas 4×4 $45.00 Painted in 2007 from my Sedona AZ garden

Sunflower 7-15

Sunflower – Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 12 $250.00 Every year, my sun flowers reseed themselves in my garden. They are a delight and shade my vegetables from the hot sun growing around them. Paying homage to this darker beauty.

Monarch 7-15

Monarch – Acrylic on canvas board – 4 x 6 in a vintage frame, $65.00  SOLD

Off Doheny Beach 7-15

Off Doheney Beach 8 x 8 Acrylic on Canvas $125.00

Towers Gallery ~ Another New Beginning


A new exhibit has started at the local Towers Gallery in the town where I live.  Featured in this new show are wonderful artists between 80 and 100 years of age.  The show is testimony to that creative spark that never ends and thrives – if you chose to let it.  I have met a few of these artists, who are as vibrant as their paintings.  They are my role models, they keep me inspired to keep creating art no matter what, and for however long I am on this earthly journey.

May 2015 Show_Towers GalleryThe new gallery is smaller, but still brims with a diversity of artistic expression ~ jewelry, fused glass, fabric art, metal sculpting, watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings, mixed media, and pottery fill the spaces in a more intimate setting.  If you are in the area, I hope you can stop by to meet the artists at May 30th’s reception ~ or anytime you are on your way north to the coast or south to San Francisco, I invite you take a diversion from that 101 freeway to Cloverdale Boulevard.

MY CORNER     My colorful pillows, in my “Pillow Your Nest”© Collection are now on sale at 20% off original price – choose one or two to brighten up your home or gift a friend.

Pillow Collage

Eight of my paintings are also on display.  Come see them close up and just maybe you’d like to bring one home to enhance the ambiance of your living space.  I paint subjects that intuitively speak to me in color, or form or landscape, and reflect my experience and appreciation for life around me and within me.


STAY TUNED for completion of my 12 canvas floor cloths project!  I’ve long been thinking of getting back to a passion of mine – canvas floor cloths, which I started making while living in Sedona, AZ.  An old craft brought from England by the colonists, these have a modern touch – amazingly durable, and a lovely, unique accent for your living space. Thinking about it long enough, I’m back into action making these and am reminded how much I love to create them – you can say I am on a quite a time-intensive ambitious roll and loving it!  Two complete and 10 on the design board to go.  (Ref:  Nov 17, 2014 blog and click on tab “stencil art” in the main menu)

You may contact me directly about any of these paintings.  I am also open to commissions for paintings or canvas floor cloths  Email me at mcdoglio44@gmail.com.

Sbarboro's Wine Train, Asti CA 2015

Sbarboro’s Wine Train, Asti, CA 2015 ~ 16 x 20, Framed, $854.00

Mykonos Evening Dec 2014

Mykonos Evening, Greece ~ 2014, 11 x 14, $350.00

Sea Fence at the Cottages

 SOLD Sea Fence at the Cottages, Crystal Cove, 2014 ~ 3 x 5 $75.00

China Beach Fishing, SF 2014

China Beach Fishing, 2014 ~ 8 x 8 ~ $135.00



Puffed Up Against the Chill - 2015

Puffed Up Against the Chill – 2015          9 x 12 $276.00

Asti Road, Cloverdale, CA

Asti Road, Cloverdale, CA 12 x 14 ~ $325.00

Passion_Jan 2015

PASSION 2015 ~ 18 x 24 $950.00

© Maria Doglio May, 2015

Feminine Mystique


“Who knows what women can be when they are finally free to become themselves? Who knows what women’s intelligence will contribute when it can be nourished without denying love?”

“The only way for a woman, as for a man, to find herself, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her own.”

Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique

Flipping pages through  a high society fashion magazine on a lazy afternoon, the unexpected and surprising inspiration for a painting came from a pretty, pouty young woman with a far away look, dressed in Channel Haute Couture, and to my mind, on the edge of rebelling into her own unique womanhood.    Her unruly auburn curls made a statement of her individuality as they spilled out onto her shoulders in defiance of taming.  I felt compelled to capture the essence of her porcelain face as she gazed out at her fantasy world from under an enormous black, veiled hat.

The Feminine Mystique.  With artistic license, I borrowed from the magazine image to portray the feeling I wanted to present, which is open to interpretation by the viewer to create their own story about her.  She has an aura of mystery that intriques and draws you into wanting to know more.  She has the charisma, the glamour, but lets you know that deep down, she is much more than a pretty face.


FEMININE MYSTIQUE ~ 12 x 16 Acrylic                                                        Currently on exhibit at Towers Gallery, 210 N. Cloverdale Blvd, Cloverdale, CA $400.00

As you expand into your creativity, expect to be inspired in unexpected places.   It is always a delight to find your muse leading you to push the envelope as you attempt to express your inner vision on the canvas. Trust your intuitiveness.   I often put a blank canvas on the easel and wait for that intuitive pull.  I wonder sometimes, if the canvas calls the muse until the energy of the calling reaches my consciousness, giving birth to inspiration.  In this painting, I believe it did.

© Maria Doglio, March 23, 2015

(Thank you to Town & Country Magazine, April 2015 issue, young model Stella Roversi, for your beauty and inspiration)

On The Easel – A Painting Journey


Some time in the late 70’s, I stood on a bridge in South Londonderry, Vermont, at sunset, looking out at the West River.  There were storm clouds clearing and an incredible light and colors of rose, yellow, lavendars, greys and whites reflected against billowing clouds.  I loved the drama of that sky!  The air was crisp and clean with hints of spring coming – my guess it was sometime in late March or early April.    We lived on the corner, at the junction of Route 100 and Winhall Hollow Road, just below the Londonderry Inn where I worked.   The river was a steady presence of the beauties of nature as it meandered through the village.  I liked being close to it, witness to all it’s seasonal stages, sounds and scenes it presented.  Camera in hand, I took a photo.

Some 35 years later, in my slow attempt to sort all my boxes of prints, I came across the photo, long forgotten.  Potential painting, I thought and put it in my folder of “painting ideas”, leaving it at that for some time longer.

Inspiration, and a Painting Challenge

There’s nothing like a couple of new canvases to get inspiration going.  Sometimes I like to just put a blank one on the easel for a few days, waiting to see what calls to my artistic muse.   I did that with a 20 x 24 canvas that sat for a week until I had the urge to look in my painting ideas folder.  Found again was the West River photo.  I was inspired, but I hesitated, wondering if I was up to the challenge of capturing the mood of the scene. I know that falling into doubt is a sure killer of inspiration, so I plunged ahead, taking it in slow stages – basic wash of color, then a light charcoal sketch.  I let it sit for another week before I prepared my painting pallette, finally starting in, laying a foundation of color contrasts of light and dark.

Once started,  the  painting process consumed me – day and night. This one was intense. If I couldn’t sleep, I found myself in the studio at 1 or 2 am, painting in PJ’s,  crawling back to bed to sleep off my odd hours burst of euphoria or to the kitchen for coffee to keep going.  I had to leave it for fresh air and walks and food, or a long restful nap.  I am careful not to paint when I feel too tired, even though I want to keep going in spite of it, but I know that’s when the flow dulls.  Rest periods give me a chance to study the stage I am at, contemplate next steps, what little subtle touchs are needed that make a big difference.


I wanted to take it slower, but this painting wouldn’t let me, it seems.  I painted long hours instead.   I stepped up to meet my self-imposed challenge.  In doing so I’ve expanded my experience as an artist, learning a lot along the way.  I find that each painting allows me to reach further, be bolder, experiment more and more.  Crush the doubt, silence the inner critic as soon as possible and just begin!  If I get stuck, I leave it for a while and consult the old masters.  The painting isn’t photo perfect, but it’s my interpretation of that moment in time. It is the feeling of the scene that was important for me to capture and share.

Even though signed and dated,  I will let the painting sit on my easel for a while to contemplate it’s completeness, letting my eyes rest from it a bit, and maybe tweak it here and there.  I suppose the tweaking can be endless, but also good to understand when to stop. This one will be framed in a beautiful wood frame that compliments the scene.  I’ve had it in my collection of old used frames for a number of years, waiting for the right painting.  Whether this painting of the West River will make it’s way into a gallery or not, is yet to be seen.  Some of my paintings are too nostalgic for me to let go – this may be one of them.

West River, So. Londonderry, VT – On The Easel 

West River_on the easel March 2015

©  Maria Doglio, March 2015


Celebration of Art at Towers Gallery 

You are Invited to Join Us!

Fine Art, Fine Food, Fine Wine and Fine Music,
Saturday February 21st    5pm to 

Music by Michael Hantman

Cloverdale is a small town in Northern Sonoma County with a big gallery.  At the far end of Cloverdale Blvd, Towers Gallery occupies a large Victorian with elegant and inviting twin stairs leading to it’s entrance.  Forty plus artists have gathered to show their work – paintings, sculptures, photography, jewelry, glass works, pottery, woodworking, textile craft and more.

A new show, called “New Beginnings” has just begun February 14th and runs to April 15th.  On Saturday, February 21st, you can meet the artists at the opening reception.

Happy to be a featured artist in this show, I have been on a roll in my studio the last two months painting in preparation, building my inventory.  Now that this show is hung, a wave of new paintings are on the horizon, still swimming in my head, waiting to manifest on canvas.   These days, my easel is not empty long.  I need more inventory, but I don’t want to rush it.  Every painting is an experiment.  Every painting teaches me.  I like to savor the process and feel what pulls me to paint.  When I am stuck, I look up the masters and contemplate their expressions in paint, or pull out an acrylic techniques book or peruse local artists works.   Like life, we never stop learning, and in doing so, we keep expanding our perspective.

My art shows my eclectic wanderings.  You can view two walls of my journey in art as you enter the gallery. Down the hall and around the corner is a little alcove with my textile craft of colorful pillows and a few more paintings.  Art celebrates life, creative imagination and emotional expression.  The Gallery is delightfully filled with it.  Art moves us in a personal way when we resonate with a particular piece.  Incorporating art that you love into your home is the ultimate sharing from the artist to you and keeps us all inspired.

Color Pillow Alcove

Colorful Pillows Alcove

A Glimpse of Select Paintings


Entry Hall Tower’s Gallery

Sbarboro's Wine Train, Asti CA 2015

Sbarboro’s Wine Train, Asti, CA

Towers.2 Towers.3 Towers.4 Towers.5 Towers.7 Towers.8

© Maria Doglio, 2015

Painting JOY of it All on Canvas


“It is so easy to make the finding of the path so much more complicated than it really needs to be because from within you know if you have been willing to tune yourself to feeling good, no matter what, so that that’s what matters most to you…then in your natural quest for joy you’ll just keep being on your path…your path unfolds.” – Abraham-Hicks

The path never ends – it just keeps expanding.  The revelation, for me personally today in this new year, is that we either allow the flow or we block it.  The trick is to recognize and understand the blocks, release and allow the flow to return ones self to balance.  Joy within provides the balance and is the key to the flow.  


Passion_Jan 2015

PASSION – Acrylic on Canvas, 18 x 24


Marmaid Magic 2014 Mixed Media

Mermaid Magic, Mixed Media                                                                               Acrylic, Shells, Netting, Glitter on Canvas 16 x 20


Mykonos Evening Dec 2014

Mykonos Evening, Acrylic on Canvas 11 x 16

© Maria Doglio 2015



My inspiration for two of my three new paintings came from my nostalgic wanderings through old photos of people and places.

Many years ago, I walked along this beautiful stretch of Rhode Island coast whose beach sands stretched as far as the eye could see.  The sunsets were spectacular and I had captured many a photo of them.

Misquamicut Beach, Rhode Island

rhd. island coast sunset_2014

Rhode Island Sunset, Misquamicut State Beach ~Acrylic on Canvas – 16 x 20

Battenkill Fog.  Vermont days ~ I had ventured out early with my camera especially to capture fog rising along the river, thistles in bloom in a mauve haze.  The fog lends a aura of mystery that I love and pushes my imagination to mystical places.

Battenkill Fog Acrylic on Canvas 8 x 8

Battenkill Fog
Acrylic on Canvas
8 x 8

China Beach Fishing   April 2014 – Walked the coast trail to China Beach, San Francisco. Misting and gray.   One of my photos taken along the way inspired the painting –

china beach fishing, sf 2014

China Beach Fishing ~ Acrylic on Canvas 8 x 8

More strolls down memory lane on the agenda for 2015 – On the Easel now – sketch of Mykonos harbor in the evening light from a 1981 photo.   Through these paintings, I am appreciating where I’ve been, as well as my connections to people and places that have enriched my life.

2015 ~  May you fill it up with joy in living, loving, inspiration, passion and creative expression!  Peace and Blessings to all who visit here.

Star Graphic



An Adventure Back in Time

A lot has changed since the early days of my arts and crafts journey, but one that I love o go back to now and then is stenciled art.  Living in Vermont in the 70’s and 80’s, I began to study the history and evolution of stenciled art that permeated a lot of early American history. Adele Bishop was one of my stencil craft artist idols, who lived in the nearby town of Dorset.  She helped to popularize again, the art of stencil craft.

Art of Stenciling

My Stenciling Craft Inspiration

I soon began designing my own stencils and applied them mostly to linens, clothing, pillows and wood.  When I moved to California in 1996, the kind of New England stenciling I was doing didn’t seem to fit, so I gave up stenciling for a while.  After a time, I started stenciling walls–decorating a kitchen for a realtor’s rental, the entrance foyer of my son’s family home, as well as their store that he and my daughter-in-law opened in Mill Valley called Monarch. The stencils are still there today, filling the walls and archways that blend with the Indian theme of their import business with colorful designs that are still vibrant after over ten years.  Stop by to see them at 27 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley, CA, or take a 360 virtual tour by clicking on the link below, where you can see the stencils throughout the store.  And of course you can do some fabulous shopping while enjoying an up-close view of the stencil work.


Living in Sedona, AZ for a few years in 2005 to 2007, my stenciling showed up on canvas floor cloths, reflecting the influence of Native American Art that I experienced there.  This rug still sits in my hallway, as vibrant as ever.  Canvas floor cloths, time intensive to create, are long lasting and surprisingly easy to keep clean.  In 2015, I plan to start a whole series of floor cloths.  Stay tuned to see them emerge as they manifest from my design graft paper to reality!

Indian Baskets 2006

Indian Baskets 2006

Today I notice that this type of stenciling seems to be taking on new forms and applications while coming to the attention of Californians to a greater degree than when I first arrived here.  I recently pulled out a box of my original cut stenciled designs.  Ideas for future craft work and decorative art are beginning to take form and sprout from idea seeds planted long ago.  I will use my own home as the testing ground.

Kitchen Doorway

Kitchen Entryway Decorative Art

The painting of my entryway hall and front door spilled out to the kitchen entry.  The door way sits at an angle to the living room.  With the front door newly painted a warm mustard yellow, I decided to carry that color connection to the kitchen entry.  As all things paint tend go with me, I just kept getting inspired to do more, which led to stencils I designed in 1982 to apply to curtains.   The great thing about stencils is that you can create a totally different look than the actual cut stencil by using pieces of it at different angles, which is what I did here to create this fanciful entry.   I also experimented with some paint effects to create a “marble” insert under the trees.

Collage #1

Stencil Detail

I now have an inviting new entryway into my home, just in time to welcome family in for Thanksgiving!

Full View of Hallway

Full View of Hallway (trick of the light – front door & stenciled entry are really the same color)

Artistic journeys wander through a network of past and present.  Sometimes the smallest sketch or long forgotten works spark new inspiration to be renewed in a way that reflects who you are now.  Look at the your old art.  Recreate it to reflect who you are today, for it is the basis for your now time–the moment that really counts.  Creativity may rest, but it always picks up again and is as endless as your imagination.   Keep it flowing in new ways.  Enjoy it, play with it, have fun with it.

© Maria Doglio Art 2014



Dazzle it is…..

I INVITE YOU to meander through the rooms of art at Towers Gallery in Cloverdale, California. I an delighted to be among the many artists of Sonoma county showing their work in this fall’s exhibition, now in progress.

Seven paintings in acrylic grace two walls at the gallery.  One of the front rooms features lovely displays of fabric art, glass, wood, jewelry and pottery.  Among them are an array of my one of a kind pillows.

My hope is to entice you to take a lovely drive to Sonoma County north, through Alexander Valley and to this little town with the big Victorian housing the gallery.  Be inspired by the many artists exhibiting there, and may you be dazzled by their creative spirit.

Pillows on Display

Pillow On Display

Everyone Needs a Pillow!


Russian River Reflection and the Autumn Blue Muse

Russian River Reflection and the Autumn Blue Muse

Asti Road The Last Dahlia of Summer

Asti Road
The Last Dahlia of Summer

In The Night Forest - Towers

In The Night Forest

Sea Fence at Crystal Cove

Sea Fence at Crystal Cove

Nature Devas

Nature Devas